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abstract class EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddHost extends EnsPortal.Dialog.standardDialog

Add a new component to a production


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 5 33


This is a Zen Page class. It belongs to the application EnsPortal.Application.

%condition %import %includeFiles %page
%resource LinkHelp ProductionName align
aux backgroundTimerInterval canEdit canViewFileSystem
cellAlign cellSize cellStyle cellVAlign
children closeOnEnter closeOnEsc composite
containerStyle cssLevel defaultSettingsHTML dialogTitle
disabled disabledStyle dragAndDrop dragEnabled
dropEnabled enclosingClass enclosingStyle error
groupClass groupStyle hasButtons height
hidden hideApplyButton hideCancelButton hideOKButton
hint hintClass hintStyle id
index keepAliveInterval label labelClass
labelDisabledClass labelPosition labelStyle layout
msgNotPermitted name onafterdrag onbeforedrag
onclick ondrag ondrop onhide
onrefresh onshow onupdate parent
retValue showLabel slice studioMode
title tuple useSVG useSoftModals
valign visible width window

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%SetModified %SetValueById %SetValueByName %SetValuesByName
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DeriveRuleNames Encrypt EscapeHTML EscapeURL
GetFrom GetHelp GetHyperEventResources GetTo
HyperEventCall HyperEventHead Include InsertHiddenField
InsertHiddenFields IsPrivate ItemAlreadyExists Link
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QuoteJS RewriteURL RuleAlreadyExists ShowError
SimpleKeepAlive StartTimer StopTimer SubmitRoutingRule
ThrowError UnescapeHTML UnescapeURL XMLDTD
XMLExport XMLExportToStream XMLExportToString XMLNew
XMLSchema XMLSchemaNamespace XMLSchemaType addChild
addChildAfter addChildBefore addPopupSuffix adjustSize
btnApply btnOK cancelPopup changeTarget
changeType checkEdit childrenMutated clientKeepAlive
correctIELayering createComponent createComponentNS ctrlKeyDown
deleteComponent dialogApply dialogCancel dialogFinish
dialogTitleGet disableButtons dragFinishHandler dragHandler
dragNotifyHandler dragStartHandler dropHandler dropStartHandler
endModal exposeComponent findElement fireOnResizeEvent
fireOnUnloadEvent fireOnUpdateEvent firePopupAction getChildIndex
getComponent getComponentById getDialogValue getEnclosingDiv
getHidden getHintElement getLabelElement getOpener
getProperty getSettings getType gotoPage
hideAll hideRow inResizeLoop initPopupSuffix
invokeSuper isOfType launchPopupWindow makeId
onCreate onDelete onDisplayHandler onEndModalHandler
onPopupAction onRefreshContents onSerialize onServerMethodCall
onServerMethodError onServerMethodReturn onStartModalHandler ondialogCancel
ondialogFinish ondialogStart ondisabledHandler onkeydownHandler
onkeyupHandler onlayoutHandler onloadHandler onlogoutHandler
onoverlayHandler onresizeHandler onunloadHandler onupdateHandler
popupActionHandler refreshContents removeChild removePopupSuffix
render renderContents renderSVG selectDirectory
setComponentId setHidden setOverlayMode setProperty
setPropertyAll setTraceOption showPossibleDefault showPossibleDefaults
showRow startKeepAlive startModal startProgressBar
stopKeepAlive stopProgressBar toggleDefaultForEmpty validateAll

EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddOperation EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddProcess EnsPortal.Dialog.ProductionAddService


• parameter APPLYBUTTON = 0;
If true, then this dialog displays an Apply button.
• parameter CSSINCLUDES = "ensemble/Ensemble_Wizards.css";
Comma-separated list of additional CSS include files for the page. If this page is using CSS3 then the CSS3INCLUDES parameter is used (if defined).
• parameter RESOURCE = "%Ens_ProductionConfig:WRITE";
User needs WRITE permissions on the %Ens_ProductionConfig resource to view this page and its subclasses.


• property LinkHelp as %String [ Calculated ];
• property ProductionName as %ZEN.Datatype.string(ZENURL="PRODUCTION");
Name of production that is displayed.
• property canViewFileSystem as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = $system.Security.Check("%Ens_ViewFileSystem","USE") ];
Is the user permitted to access the fileSelect popup.
• property defaultSettingsHTML as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
HTML info of possible default settings
• property retValue as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Holder for return value.


• classmethod AddNewItem(pForm As %String, prefix As %String, production As Ens.Config.Production, Output item As Ens.Config.Item, poolSize As %Integer = "") as %Status
Generic method for adding a new host
• classmethod AddOperationSettings(pForm As %String, prefix As %String, item As Ens.Config.Item) as %Status
• classmethod AddServiceSettings(pForm As %String, prefix As %String, item As Ens.Config.Item) as %Status
• classmethod DeriveRuleNames(pProdId As %String, pFieldValue As %String, pUserRequestedPackage As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
This method checks to see if the supplied field value is a simple name or a full class name. If a simple name this method prepends the package for the identified production to the simple name.

This method also determines if the field value supplied in the wizard is going to have to be made into an alias and if so, returns the corresponding alias name and class name that it is going to use when it creates the rule. This gives the user the chance to accept/decline creating a rule with that alias and/or class name.

The return value of this method is a string that provides a class name and/or alias name, in one of the following comma-separated formats:

First position: "+" if we needed to prepend a package name to a simple rule name but it was otherwise fine, blank if we did not prepend anything
Second position: <aliasName> if a suitable class name had to be derived from an alias name, and this is the alias
Third position: <className> giving the class name (in any case)
Fourth position: "-" if a rule with this class name already exists, otherwise blank

• method GetFrom() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
• method GetHelp(pSeed As %String) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
• method GetTo() as %String [ ZenMethod ]
• classmethod ItemAlreadyExists(production As %String, name As %String, cls As %String, busType As %String, enabled As %ZEN.Datatype.boolean = 0) as %String [ ZenMethod ]
• classmethod RuleAlreadyExists(pClassName As %String) as %Boolean [ ZenMethod ]
This method returns a value that JavaScript can understand as 1 (true) or 0 (false).
• method SubmitRoutingRule(protocol As %String, serviceName As %String = "", schema As %String = "", itemRouter As Ens.Config.Item, ruleAlias As %String, ruleClass As %String, validation As %String = "", novalidation As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Add new routing rule to complete a new HL7 or X12 service that has created its own "dedicated" router.
• method changeTarget(formName) [ Language = javascript ]
If "auto-create service target" is true, disable the dataCombo field for choosing a service.
• method changeType(host, edi) [ Language = javascript ]
Choose the correct adapter class and hide/show the correct fields for the selected protocol type. host = Service,Operation; edi = HL7,X12; type = TCP,File,FTP,HTTP,SOAP
• method hideAll(host, edi) [ Language = javascript ]
Hide all form fields in response to the choice of protocol/adapter (Input Type).
• method hideRow(fieldName) [ Language = javascript ]
Hide a form field; this usually happens based on the choice of protocol/adapter (Input Type).
• method onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
This client event is fired when the a popup page launched from this page fires an action.
• method selectDirectory(controlName) [ Language = javascript ]
• method showPossibleDefault(prefix, setting) [ Language = javascript ]
• method showPossibleDefaults(hosttype, edi) [ Language = javascript ]
• method showRow(fieldName) [ Language = javascript ]
Show a form field; this usually happens based on the choice of protocol/adapter (Input Type).
• method toggleDefaultForEmpty(host, tab) [ Language = javascript ]
• method validateAll(host, type) [ Language = javascript ]
Do validation of all fields on the form.

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