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persistent class EnsLib.ebXML.MessageWithPayload extends EnsLib.ebXML.Message, %XML.Adaptor

ebXML Message instance


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 5


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Name OriginalDocId RawContent Source
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XMLSchemaType getTestNewArg showContents showTopLinks


• property MIMEParts as array of %Net.MIMESerialPart;
MIME Parts keyed by content id
• property Manifest as EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Manifest;
ebXML Manifest


• method CreateManifestWithReferences(pReference As %ListOfObjects(ELEMENTTYPE="EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Reference"))
Construct an instance of the ebXML Manifest type (EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Manifest)
• classmethod GetContentArray(Output pContents, pMode As %String = "source", pDocType As %String = "", pLevel As %Integer = 0, pIncludeBase As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Returns array of properties that make up the contents of this object.
This method in implemented within the document class.
The content array is in the form:
pContents(n,"alias")=alias code
If pContents(n) is non-zero then the property is a composite type with
sub-properties. The sub-properties are indexed with a similar structure under
pContents(n,m) where m is the index of the subtype property.
• method ValidateManifest() as %Status
Validate a Manifest
• method showContents()
HTML display helper method to add properties not defined in EnsLib.ebXML.Message.
• method showTopLinks()
HTML display helper method to add links for properties not defined in EnsLib.ebXML.Message.

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