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class EnsLib.XPATH.MessageAdaptor extends %RegisteredObject

This is a mixin class that provides a convenient means of evaluating XPATH expressions the contents of messages containing XML


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Evaluate Example GetSingleValue XmlStream


• property Document as %XML.XPATH.Document [ Transient ];
This is the Parsed document against which XPATH expressions are evaluated


• method Evaluate(pContext As %String, pExpression As %String, Output pResults As %ListOfObjects(CLASSNAME="%XML.XPATH.RESULT")) as %Status
Evaluate an XPATH expression, obtaining a reader which can be used to read the results
• classmethod Example()
• method GetSingleValue(pContext As %String, pExpression As %String, Output pResultValue As %String) as %Status
Often you know that a given XPATH expression will retrieve just a single result, this is a convenience method which performs the intermediate steps to evaluate the expression obtain that result for you. If the expression
• method XmlStream(Output pStream As %Stream.Object) as %Status
Override this method in your message subclass to return the XmlStream on which to evaluate XPATH expressions