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class EnsLib.PushNotifications.NotificationInfo extends %XML.Adaptor

Notification by identity request


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
7 1


AlertNotification BadgeNotification CollapseKey Data
ExpiresUTC SoundNotification UrlNotification

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EnsLib.PushNotifications.IdentityManager.NotificationByIdentityRequest EnsLib.PushNotifications.NotificationRequest


• property AlertNotification as %String(MAXLEN=2048);
String to be displayed to the user as a notification.
• property BadgeNotification as %Integer;
Integer that is diplayed to the user in an icon. For example, this can be used to indicate the number of unread messages.
• property CollapseKey as %String(MAXLEN=512);
Collapse key (if supported)
• property Data as array of %String;
String containing name-value pairs in JSON form. Data contains the names and values that are used by the notification handling code in the mobile app.
• property ExpiresUTC as %TimeStamp;
Timestamp that indicates when the notification expires. If the notification is not delivered to the device by this time, the server will not send it to the device.
• property SoundNotification as %String(MAXLEN=2048);
String that identifies a sound to be played on the device.
• property UrlNotification as %String(MAXLEN=2048);
Alert-URL notification


• classmethod CopyFrom(pSrc As %RegisteredObject, pTarget As %RegisteredObject) as %Status