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persistent class EnsLib.PushNotifications.IdentityManager.DeviceTracking extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

Zen Mobile Cloud Messaging Device Tracking


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
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AppIdentifier AssociatedAppTokens Identifier LastUpdatedUTC

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• property AppIdentifier as %String(MAXLEN=512) [ Required ];
App Identifier
• property AssociatedAppTokens as list of %String(MAXLEN=512) [ Required ];
Associated Application Token
• property Identifier as %String(MAXLEN=512) [ Required ];
Device Identifier (i.e. DeviceToken, or Registration Id)
• property LastUpdatedUTC as %TimeStamp [ InitialExpression = $ZDT($system.Util.LocalWithZTIMEZONEtoUTC($H),3),Required ];
Last updated-at timestamp
• property Service as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Apple Push Notification Service,Google Cloud Messaging",VALUELIST=",APNS,GCM") [ Required ];
Service type descriptor


• classmethod AssociateDeviceWithAppToken(pIdentifier As %String, pAppId As %String, pService As %String, pAppToken As %String) as %Status
Associate an application token with a deviceid/appid
• classmethod DisassociateDeviceWithAppToken(pIdentifier As %String, pAppId As %String, pService As %String, pAppToken As %String) as %Status
Disassociate an application token with a identifier/appid
• classmethod FindDeviceByAppToken(pAppToken As %String, ByRef pDevice As EnsLib.PushNotifications.IdentityManager.DeviceTracking) as %Status
Locate a device tracking object by an app token
• classmethod FindDeviceByDeviceAndAppIds(pIdentifier As %String, pAppId As %String, pService As %String, ByRef pDevice As EnsLib.PushNotifications.IdentityManager.DeviceTracking, pCreate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Helper to locate and/or create a device tracking object from a deviceid/appid pair


• query DeviceSearchByAppToken(pAppToken As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT %ID, Service, Identifier, LastUpdatedUTC FROM DeviceTracking
WHERE FOR SOME %ELEMENT(AssociatedAppTokens) (%Value = :pAppToken)
Search for devices matching the associated app token


•index (AppIdentifierIndex on AppIdentifier);
Index the app identifier
•index (AssociatedAppTokensIndex on AssociatedAppTokens(ELEMENTS));
Index the associated app tokens (all of them) with this object
•index (IdentifierIndex on Identifier);
Index the device identifier
•index (ServiceIndex on Service);
Index the service

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