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Private  Storage   


class EnsLib.Printing.UNIXPrinter extends EnsLib.Printing.AbstractPrinter

An abstract printer operation


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 3 4


This is a Business Operation class.

EnsLib.Printing.PrintJob Ens.Response

%AlertStartTime %ConfigName %ConfigQueueName %LastActionTime
%LastHandledTime %LastReportedError %QuitTask %RequestHeader
%SessionId %SuperSession %WarnedLatest %isShadow
Adapter AlertGroups AlertOnError AlertRetryGracePeriod
ArchiveIO BusinessPartner CharSet Command
DeferResponse FailureTimeout IOLogEntry InactivityTimeout
NoFailWhileDisconnected Options PrinterDelegateClass QueueCountAlert
QueueWaitAlert ReplyCodeActions Retry RetryCount
RetryInterval SendSuperSession SuspendMessage ThrottleDelay

%AddToSaveSet %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %ConstructClone
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %Extends
%GetParameter %IsA %IsModified %New
%NormalizeObject %ObjectModified %OnClose %OnNew
%OriginalNamespace %PackageName %RemoveFromSaveSet %SerializeObject
%SetModified %SuperSessionSet %ValidateObject AdapterName
AssignOneSetting CloseIOLogEntry DeferResponse EnumerateSettingsClose
EnumerateSettingsExecute EnumerateSettingsFetch FindDestinationForPrinter GenerateSuperSession
GetDeferredResponseToken GetMessageList GetProductionSettingValue GetProductionSettings
GetPropertyConnections GetSettings GetShadowInstance IncludeSuperSession
InitializeDelegate NewIOLogEntry OnError OnFailureTimeout
OnGenerateSuperSession OnGetConnections OnGetReplyAction OnInit
OnKeepalive OnMessage OnMonitor OnProductionStart
OnProductionStop OnTearDown Print QueueName
SaveIOLogEntry SendAlert SendDeferredResponse SendRequestAsync
SendRequestSync buildCommand printJob


• parameter SETTINGS = "Command,Options,CharSet::selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/CharacterSets}";
List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


• property CharSet as %String [ InitialExpression = "UTF8" ];
Character set to use when printing (UTF-8 is the default)
• property Command as %String(MAXLEN=512) [ InitialExpression = "lp" ];
This value must either be lp or specified in the permitted interoperability OS command list.
• property Options as %String(MAXLEN=32700);
Printer options, separated by a linefeed


• method OnInit() as %Status
This user callback method is called via initConfig() from %OnNew() or in the case of SOAP Services from OnPreSOAP()
• method Print(pRequest As EnsLib.Printing.PrintJob, ByRef pResponse As Ens.Response) as %Status
Print a print job
• method buildCommand(pRequest As EnsLib.Printing.PrintJob, ByRef pCmd As %String, ByRef pCharSet As %String) as %Status
Constructs the lp command for this print job
• method printJob(pRequest As EnsLib.Printing.PrintJob, ByRef pCmd As %String, pCharSet As %String) as %Status
Submit the print job using the specified command