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class EnsLib.PEX.OutboundAdapter extends Ens.OutboundAdapter, EnsLib.PEX.Common


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 1


%CredentialsObj %WarnedLatest %gatewayConnection %gatewayExtraClasspaths
%gatewayProxy %gatewayTimeout BusinessHost Credentials
KeepaliveInterval RegistryID

%AddToSaveSet %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %ConstructClone
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %Extends
%GetParameter %IsA %IsModified %New
%NormalizeObject %ObjectModified %OriginalNamespace %PackageName
%RemoveFromSaveSet %SerializeObject %SetModified %ValidateObject
AssignOneSetting CheckGatewayConnection CheckGatewayDisconnection ClearAllAppData
ClearRuntimeAppData ClearStaticAppData Connect CredentialsSet
Disconnect EnumerateSettingsClose EnumerateSettingsExecute EnumerateSettingsFetch
GetSettings OnInit OnKeepalive OnTearDown
deserialize serialize serializedSendRequestAsync serializedSendRequestSync


• parameter SETTINGS = "%remoteClassname:Remote OutboundAdapter,%remoteSettings:Remote OutboundAdapter,%gatewayHost:Remote OutboundAdapter,%gatewayPort:Remote OutboundAdapter,%gatewayTimeout:Remote OutboundAdapter,%gatewayExtraClasspaths:Remote OutboundAdapter";
List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


• method %DispatchMethod(method As %String, args...) as %ObjectHandle
Is used to implement an unknown method call. It is also used to resolve an unknown multidimensional property reference (to get the value of a property) because that syntax is identical to a method call.

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