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abstract class EnsLib.JavaGateway.Common extends

Common base class for JavaGateway Inbound and Outbound Adapters including the SQL adapters in their use of JDBC.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 17 14


%ClientIOAddr %IOAddr %JGConnectTimeout %JGProxy
%JavaGateway %logConnections ConnectTimeout Connected
ExtraJGClasspaths JGClientConnectSpec JGClientEnsClassname JGService
KeepaliveInterval StayConnected

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Connect ConnectedSet Disconnect OnKeepalive
TestConnection initAdapterJG initJG

EnsLib.JavaGateway.InboundAdapter EnsLib.JavaGateway.OutboundAdapter EnsLib.SQL.CommonJ


• parameter REQUIREJGSERVICE = 1;
Is the JGService Setting for this Adapter (subclass) required? If so and it's empty, we will return an error from initialization.
• parameter SETTINGS = "JGClientConnectSpec,JGClientEnsClassname,JGService,ExtraJGClasspaths,StayConnected";


• property %ClientIOAddr as %String;
• property %IOAddr as %String [ ReadOnly ];
String naming JavaGateway TCP/IP address:port, and local port if applicable
• property %JGConnectTimeout as %Numeric(MAXVAL=30000,MINVAL=0) [ InitialExpression = 5 ];
Number of seconds to wait on each attempt to connect to the Java Gateway
• property %JGProxy as %RegisteredObject;
The Proxy for the Java connector object
• property %JavaGateway as %Net.Remote.Java.JavaGateway;
The JavaGateway connection object
• property %logConnections as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Local flag controlling logging of connection and disconnection events
• property ConnectTimeout as %Numeric(MINVAL=0) [ InitialExpression = 15 ];
Number of seconds to wait on each attempt to connect from the Java Gateway to the ultimate Java client
• property Connected as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Are we currently connected to the Java Gateway and does the Proxy object exist and is it connected to its remote system
• property ExtraJGClasspaths as %String(MAXLEN=1000);
One or more Java Classpaths (separated by '|' character) needed in addition to the ones configured in the Java Gateway Service in order to execute the Java code for this Config Item
• property JGClientConnectSpec as %String(MAXLEN=500);
Info the JavaGateway Client class can use to connect to the intended target system
• property JGClientEnsClassname as %String(MAXLEN=128);
InterSystems IRIS classname of the Java Gateway proxy class that serves as this Config Item's interface to its associated Java code
• property JGService as %String(MAXLEN=128);
Config Name of the Java Gateway service controlling the Java Gateway server this Operation will use.
• property KeepaliveInterval as %Numeric [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
How frequently should be check whether a StayConnected connection is still up
• property StayConnected as %Numeric(MINVAL=-1) [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
If non-zero, stay connected to the remote system between handling Requests until idle for this number of seconds. A value of -1 means never disconnect.


• method Connect(pClientTimeout As %Numeric = 15, pInbound As %Boolean = 0, pJGTimeout As %Numeric = 5) as %Status
• method ConnectedSet(pValue As %Boolean) as %Status
This is a Set accessor method for the Connected property.
• method Disconnect(pInbound As %Boolean = 0)
Disconnect from the Java Gateway Client
• method OnKeepalive() as %Status
• method TestConnection(pInbound As %Boolean = 0)
• method initAdapterJG() as %Status
• method initJG() as %Status