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abstract class Ens.Rule.Assist


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GetContextClass GetDescription GetIsRoutingRule GetMetaData
GetPropertyList GetQueryData GetShortDisplay IsHidden
RuntimeConstraintCheck getClassPropertyList getClassPropertyType

Ens.Alerting.Rule.CreateAlertAssist Ens.Alerting.Rule.OverdueAlertAssist Ens.Rule.GeneralBusinessRuleAssist
EnsLib.MsgRouter.RuleAssist EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRuleAssist EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRuleAssistCompatible


• classmethod GetContextClass() as %String
Returns the context class. If the return value is not null, then users can not change it
• classmethod GetDescription() as %String
Returns the description of the rule type
• classmethod GetIsRoutingRule() as %String
Returns if the rule is a routing rule
• classmethod GetMetaData() as %String
This method returns the meta data for the cconstraint fields The structure of the meta data is the following: meta-data = comma separted list of fields field = colon separated values: = constraint-field-name : caption : [collection] # [type] [ # parameter ] the valid value for collection-type is commalist or null the valid values for type is configname, class or query the parameter for class is passed to the class finder dialog box.
• classmethod GetPropertyList(pArray, pText) as %String
This method is called to return a list of properties
• classmethod GetQueryData(pArray, pParam) as %String
This method is called when the constraint type is query. This method returns a comma separated list of all the possible values for a particular field The list will be used to populated the combo box.
• classmethod GetShortDisplay(pArray) as %String
Returns the short display string for the constraint The input data is in pArray, subscripted by the constraint-field-name
• classmethod IsHidden() as %String
If return true, then the class is excluded from the new rule wizard
• classmethod RuntimeConstraintCheck(ByRef pArray, pContext, Output pPassed) as %Status
This method is called at runtime for constraint check The method is to return 1 or 0 on the output parameter pPassed
• classmethod getClassPropertyList(className) as %String
• classmethod getClassPropertyType(className, propertyName) as %String

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