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datatype class Ens.DataType.Metric extends %Float


Represents a value within a Business Metric class


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DisplayToLogical IsValid Link LogicalToDisplay
LogicalToJSON Normalize Points RangeLower
RangeUpper ThresholdLower ThresholdUpper Units


• parameter AUTOHISTORY = 0;
For multidimensional metrics: if this is set to a non-zero value, then the Metric class will automatically maintain a history of values for this property. The author of the OnCalculate method needs only set to the current value for the metric into the top (non-subscripted) node of the property.
The number of values maintained is specified by the value of this parameter.
• parameter LINK;
Specfies a default URL to provide drill down information for this metric.
This is used by the Dashboard to provide a drill down page for any meters connected to this metric.
• parameter RANGELOWER = 0;
Default value for RangeLower for a metric
• parameter RANGEUPPER = 100;
Default value for RangeUpper for a metric
• parameter THRESHOLDLOWER = 0;
Default value for ThresholdLower for a metric
• parameter THRESHOLDUPPER = 100;
Default value for ThresholdUpper for a metric
• parameter UNITS;
Units used by this metric (e.g., Dollars, Percentage, etc.)
This is used solely for documentation purposes


• classmethod Link() as %String
• classmethod Points() as %String
Default number of points for a chart based on this property.
• classmethod RangeLower() as %String
• classmethod RangeUpper() as %String
• classmethod ThresholdLower() as %String
• classmethod ThresholdUpper() as %String
• classmethod Units() as %String

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