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Private  Storage   


class CSPX.EnsPurgePane extends %CSP.Util.Pane

Generic pane for individual type purge


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 8 3


Align Buttons CommandFormClass CommandFormObject
CommandSubmitPage Commands Display Dynamic
FormClass FormObject FrameStyle Name
PurgeType Styles SubmitPage SubmitTarget
Text URL

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• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";
Use our own domain for localization


• property Buttons as list of %CSP.Util.FormButton(XMLITEMNAME="Button");
An optional list of buttons displayed along the bottom of a form.
• property Display as %String(MAXLEN=20,VALUELIST=",form,table");
How to display this Form Page.
• property Dynamic as %Boolean;
If true, display this form using the Dynamic form viewer.
• property FormClass as %String(MAXLEN=128);
Name of class used to provide Detail or Form view;
• property FormObject as %RegisteredObject(XMLPROJECTION="none");
The object that provides the details to display.
• property PurgeType as %String;
Purge Type
• property SubmitPage as %String(MAXLEN=128);
Page (URL) to go to when a form is submitted.
• property SubmitTarget as %String(MAXLEN=128);
TARGET attribute for submitted form.


• method DrawBODY(pInstance As %CSP.Util.PageInstance) as %Status
Draw the BODY of the detail pane
• method GenerateCode() as %String
Called by CSP rules engine to generate code to construct an instance of this object using the current instance as a template.
• method OnGenerateCode() as %String
Subclasses override this to generate code during CSP processing