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persistent class %iKnow.Objects.VirtualEntityOccurrence extends %Persistent

This is a read-only object representation wrapping the internal iKnow data structures for Entity Occurrences in a Virtual Source.

This class can be used from ObjectScript or SQL to access a single or small number of entries, but the storage mappings are not meant to support elaborate or complex queries targeting this SQL table.

Please use the predefined queries in %iKnow.Queries.EntityAPI and other query classes to consult entity data as the internal global structures are designed to optimize performance for these queries rather than general-purpose access.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 14 1


CrcOccurrenceIdM CrcOccurrenceIdR CrcOccurrenceIdS DomainId
EntOccId EntTypeId EntUniId Entity
PathId PosInPath PosInSentence Sentence
SentenceId VirtualSourceId

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• parameter READONLY = 1;
READONLY = 1 means that objects can be created, opened but not saved or deleted. Tables are projected to SQL as READONLY.


• property CrcOccurrenceIdM as %Integer;
• property CrcOccurrenceIdR as %Integer;
• property CrcOccurrenceIdS as %Integer;
• property DomainId as %Integer;
• property EntOccId as %Integer;
• property EntTypeId as %Integer;
• property EntUniId as %Integer;
• property Entity as %iKnow.Objects.VirtualEntityUnique [ Calculated ];
• property PathId as %Integer;
• property PosInPath as %Integer;
• property PosInSentence as %Integer;
• property Sentence as %iKnow.Objects.VirtualSentence [ Calculated ];
• property SentenceId as %Integer;
• property VirtualSourceId as %Integer;


•index (PKINDEX on DomainId,VirtualSourceId,EntOccId) [IdKey,PrimaryKey,Unique];

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