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Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 60


InlReader KBId Knowledgebase

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AcronymCount CloseTable ConceptFilterCount FetchRows
GetAcronym GetAlphaBeticLabel GetByName GetCapitalAllLabel
GetCapitalInitialLabel GetCapitalMixedLabel GetConceptFilter GetConceptLabel
GetHash GetInputFilter GetJoinLabel GetJoinReverseLabel
GetKatakanaLabel GetLabel GetLexrep GetMetadata
GetName GetNonSemanticLabel GetNumericLabel GetObjectLabel
GetPreprocessFilter GetPrimaryRelationLabel GetProperty GetPunctuationLabel
GetRegex GetRelationLabel GetRule GetSentenceBeginLabel
GetSentenceEndLabel GetSpaceLabel GetSubjectLabel GetUnknownLabel
InlFiles InputFilterCount IsDynamic LabelCount
LexrepCount LoadToSharedMemory MetadataCount NextAcronym
NextConceptFilter NextInputFilter NextLabel NextLexrep
NextMetadata NextPreprocessFilter NextProperty NextRegex
NextRule PhaseCount PreprocessFilterCount PropertyCount
ReadTable RegexCount RuleCount SetErrorCondition
TableAtEnd UnloadAllFromSharedMemory UnloadFromSharedMemory


• property InlReader as %iKnow.Compiler.InlReader;
• property KBId as %Integer;
• property Knowledgebase as %iKnow.KB.Knowledgebase;


• method AcronymCount() as %Integer
• method CloseTable()
Close the table currently being read
• method ConceptFilterCount() as %Integer
• method FetchRows(max As %Integer) as %Binary
Fetch at most max rows as a $LIST from the previously started table
• method GetAcronym(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetAlphaBeticLabel() as %Binary
• classmethod GetByName(name As %String) as Languagebase
• method GetCapitalAllLabel() as %Binary
• method GetCapitalInitialLabel() as %Binary
• method GetCapitalMixedLabel() as %Binary
• method GetConceptFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetConceptLabel() as %Binary
• method GetHash() as %String
• method GetInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetJoinLabel() as %Binary
• method GetJoinReverseLabel() as %Binary
• method GetKatakanaLabel() as %Binary
• method GetLabel(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetLexrep(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetMetadata(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetName() as %Binary
• method GetNonSemanticLabel() as %Binary
• method GetNumericLabel() as %Binary
• method GetObjectLabel() as %Binary
• method GetPreprocessFilter(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetPrimaryRelationLabel() as %Binary
• method GetProperty(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetPunctuationLabel() as %Binary
• method GetRegex(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetRelationLabel() as %Binary
• method GetRule(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetSentenceBeginLabel() as %Binary
• method GetSentenceEndLabel() as %Binary
• method GetSpaceLabel() as %Binary
• method GetSubjectLabel() as %Binary
• method GetUnknownLabel() as %Binary
• method InlFiles(name As %String, phase As %Integer) as %List
• method InputFilterCount() as %Integer
• method IsDynamic() as %Integer
Can this knowledgebase be instantiated dynamically by parsing existing .inl data?
• method LabelCount() as %Integer
• method LexrepCount() as %Integer
• method MetadataCount() as %Integer
• method NextAcronym(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextConceptFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextLabel(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextLexrep(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextMetadata(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextPreprocessFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextProperty(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextRegex(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextRule(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method PhaseCount() as %Integer
• method PreprocessFilterCount() as %Integer
• method PropertyCount() as %Integer
• method ReadTable(name As %Binary, phase As %Integer)
Indicate that the next fetch should start pulling values from the named table for dynamic loading.
• method RegexCount() as %Integer
• method RuleCount() as %Integer
• method TableAtEnd() as %Integer
Returns true if the currently reading table has exhausted its rows