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EntryCount Hash Name

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LoadDir NextEntry


• property EntryCount as %Integer [ Required ];
• property Hash as %String;
• property Name as %String [ Required ];


• method AddToHash(string As %String)
Adds a value to this Knowledgebase's hash. The ultimate hash value is dependent on the sequence of values passed to this function.
• classmethod ClearAll()
Clears all language bases and their corresponding entries
• method EntryCount() as %Integer
• classmethod GetByName(name As %String) as Languagebase
Retrieves the Languagebase with the given name, returning "" if not found.
• method GetEntry(key As %String) as Entry
Returns the AbstractEntry of this Languagebase corresponding to the key
• method GetEntryRaw(key As %String) as %List
Returns the raw (serialized, $list) version of the entry corresponding to the key
• method GetHash() as %String
Returns a hash based on the content of this Knowledgebase
• method GetName() as %String
Returns the name of the Languagebase
• classmethod Load(name As %String, fileName As %String, obfuscate As %Boolean = 1, complete As %Boolean = 0) as Languagebase
• classmethod LoadDir(dir As %String, forcemulticompile As %Boolean = "", obfuscate As %Boolean = 1, complete As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
• method NextEntry(key As %String = "") as %String
Returns the key for the next entry after that corresponding to the given key. Returns the empty string if none remain.


• query ScoreOrder(langId As %Integer)
SQL Query :
SELECT %ID FROM Entry Where Languagebase = :langId Order By Score Desc


•index (NameIndex on Name) [Unique];

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