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ConceptLabel Hash Name RegexpEnabled

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GetConceptLabel GetFilter GetHash GetInputFilter
GetJoinLabel GetJoinReverseLabel GetKatakanaLabel GetLabel
GetLabelByName GetLexrep GetLexrepRaw GetMetadata
GetNonSemanticLabel GetNumericLabel GetObjectLabel GetPreprocessFilter
GetPrimaryRelationLabel GetProperty GetPropertyId GetPunctuationLabel
GetRegexIndex GetRegexPattern GetRelationLabel GetRule
GetRuleByEngineId GetSentenceBeginLabel GetSentenceEndLabel GetSpaceLabel
GetSubjectLabel GetUnknownLabel ImportFromCSV ImportFromXML
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• property ConceptLabel as Label;
• property Hash as %String;
• property Name as %String(XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE") [ Required ];
• property RegexpEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0,Transient ];
Enables regular expressions when loading


• method AcronymCount() as %Integer
• method AddToHash(string As %String)
Adds a value to this Knowledgebase's hash. The ultimate hash value is dependent on the sequence of values passed to this function.
• classmethod ClearAll()
Clears all Knowledgebase data
• classmethod DeleteByName(kbName As %String)
• method FilterCount() as %Integer
• method GetAcronym(key As %String) as Acronym
• method GetAlphaBeticLabel() as Label
• classmethod GetByName(name As %String) as Knowledgebase
Retrieves the KB with the given name, returning "" if not found.
• method GetCapitalAllLabel() as Label
• method GetCapitalInitialLabel() as Label
• method GetCapitalMixedLabel() as Label
• method GetConceptLabel() as Label
• method GetFilter(key As %String) as Filter
• method GetHash() as %String
Returns a hash based on the content of this Knowledgebase
• method GetInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %List
• method GetJoinLabel() as Label
• method GetJoinReverseLabel() as Label
• method GetKatakanaLabel() as Label
• method GetLabel(key As %String) as Label
• method GetLabelByName(name As %String) as Label
• method GetLexrep(key As %String) as Lexrep
• method GetLexrepRaw(key As %String) as %List
• method GetMetadata(key As %String) as Metadata
• method GetNonSemanticLabel() as Label
• method GetNumericLabel() as Label
• method GetObjectLabel() as Label
• method GetPreprocessFilter(key As %String) as PreprocessFilter
• method GetPrimaryRelationLabel() as Label
• method GetProperty(key As %Integer) as %List
• classmethod GetPropertyId(name As %String) as %Integer
Retrieves an ID for an property name. These must be consistent across versions.
• method GetPunctuationLabel() as Label
• method GetRegexIndex(regexName As %String) as %Integer
Returns the index (0-based) of the regex with the given name in this Knowledgebase This is based on creation order, and will correspond to the offset for the regex in the shared memory knowledgebase Retuns -1 if no such regex is found.
• method GetRegexPattern(regexName As %String) as %String
Returns the pattern of a given regex index
• method GetRelationLabel() as Label
• method GetRule(key As %String) as Rule
• method GetRuleByEngineId(id As %Integer) as Rule
Convert an internal engine rule id for this language into a rule object.
• method GetSentenceBeginLabel() as Label
• method GetSentenceEndLabel() as Label
• method GetSpaceLabel() as Label
• method GetSubjectLabel() as Label
• method GetUnknownLabel() as Label
• classmethod ImportFromCSV(name As %String, prefix As %String, obfuscate As %Boolean = 1, shmem As %Boolean = 0, complete As %Boolean = 0) as Knowledgebase
• classmethod ImportFromXML(fileName As %String) as Knowledgebase
• classmethod ImportItemsFromXML(r As %XML.Reader, kb As Knowledgebase, collectionName As %String, className As %String, keyPropertyName As %String = "")
• method InputFilterCount() as %Integer
• method LabelCount() as %Integer
• method LexrepCount() as %Integer
• classmethod LoadAll(obfuscate As %Boolean = 0)
Load all knowledgebases and languagebases from source, using the known source root
• classmethod LoadDir(dir As %String, forcemulticompile As %Boolean = "", obfuscate As %Boolean = 1, shmem As %Boolean = 0, complete As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
• classmethod LoadTableFromCSV(fileName As %String, className As %String, kb As Knowledgebase) as %Boolean
• method MetadataCount() as %Integer
• method MetadataLookup(key As %String) as %String
• method NextAcronym(key As %String) as %String
• method NextFilter(key As %String) as %String
• method NextInputFilter(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextLabel(key As %String) as %String
• method NextLexrep(key As %String) as %String
• method NextMetadata(key As %String) as %String
• method NextPreprocessFilter(key As %String) as %String
• method NextProperty(key As %Integer) as %Integer
• method NextRule(key As %String) as %String
• classmethod Obfuscate(string As %String, property As %String, id As %Integer) as %String
• method PreprocessFilterCount() as %Integer
• method PropertyCount() as %Integer
• method RegexCount() as %Integer
• method RuleCount() as %Integer
• classmethod Unobfuscate(string As %String, property As %String, id As %Integer) as %String
• method WriteAsXML()


•index (NameIndex on Name) [Unique];