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This %iKnow.Filters.Filter filters sources according to a DeepSee Listing and should only be used internally.

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property CubeName as %String;
Property methods: CubeNameDisplayToLogical(), CubeNameGet(), CubeNameIsValid(), CubeNameLogicalToDisplay(), CubeNameLogicalToOdbc(), CubeNameNormalize(), CubeNameSet()
property DSQueryKey as %String;
Property methods: DSQueryKeyDisplayToLogical(), DSQueryKeyGet(), DSQueryKeyIsValid(), DSQueryKeyLogicalToDisplay(), DSQueryKeyLogicalToOdbc(), DSQueryKeyNormalize(), DSQueryKeySet()
property MeasureName as %String;
Property methods: MeasureNameDisplayToLogical(), MeasureNameGet(), MeasureNameIsValid(), MeasureNameLogicalToDisplay(), MeasureNameLogicalToOdbc(), MeasureNameNormalize(), MeasureNameSet()


method ToString() as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description:

Subclasses should implement this method to build a string representation of the filter instance. It should start with the filter class name, followed by a pipe (|) character and then a string representation that can be interpreted by its RestoreFilterFromStringInternal() implementation.

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