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class %iKnow.Classification.Definition.Classifier extends


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BuilderParameters Categories ClassificationMethod TermDictionary
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• property BuilderParameters as list of BuilderParameter(XMLNAME="BuilderParameter",XMLPROJECTION="ELEMENT");
Optional list of parameters from the Builder instance creating this definition, so it can be used to restore a Builder instance from this definition to further optimize or otherwise refine it.
• property Categories as list of Category(XMLPROJECTION="WRAPPED") [ Required ];
The list of categories this classifier will choose from.
• property ClassificationMethod as ClassificationMethod [ Required ];
A wrapper for all the information needed to match the document vector built based on TermDictionary to the different categories this classifier is identifying.
• property TermDictionary as TermDictionary [ Required ];
A descriptor of the terms to consider for classification.
• property builderClass as %String(XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
The name of the %iKnow.Classification.Builder class used to create this classifier. (optional)
• property description as %String(MAXLEN=1000,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
An optional description for this Classifier


• method %SaveToClass(pClassName As %String, pOverwriteExisting As %Boolean = 1, pVerbose As %Boolean = 0, pCompile As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
• method %ToString(Output pString As %String, pFormatted As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
• method %Validate() as %Status
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