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Internal class implementing filing code. Do not access directly.


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Delete FileAttributes FileEntities FileIndex
FileIndexFromDM FileLanguage FileWords GetLanguageCode
GetLanguageId PrepareAttributes PrepareEntities PreparePaths



• classmethod Delete(pID As %Integer, pIndexLocation As %String, ByRef pIndexParams)
• classmethod FileAttributes(pIndexLocation As %String, pRecordID As %Integer, ByRef pIndexParams)
INPUT: %attInfo(attType, posOff) = $bit(position) OUTPUT: @pIndexLocation@($$$IFGLOBALATTRIBUTE, attType, recordIdOffset) = $bit(recordId) @pIndexLocation@($$$IFGLOBALATTRIBUTEPOS, recordID, attType, posOff) = $bit(position)
• classmethod FileEntities(ByRef pIndexLocation As %String, pRecordID As %Integer, ByRef pIndexParams)
INPUT: %entI(entIdStr) = entInt OUTPUT: %newEntsI(entIdStr) = entInt %entIntIdToId(entInt) = entId ^IRIS.IF.EntityD(entId) = entIdStr ^IRIS.IF.EntityI(entIdStr) = entId ^IRIS.IF.EntityW(entId) = $lb(wordId...) ^IRIS.IF.EntityWP(wordId, wordPos, entIdOffset) = $bit(entId) @pIndexLocation@($$$IFGLOBALSUBENTITY, entId, recordIdOffset) = $bit(recordId) @pIndexLocation@($$$IFGLOBALSUBCLEAN, recordId, entIdOffset) = $bit(entId)
• classmethod FileIndex(pDirect As %iFind.DirectInput, pIndexer As %iKnow.Indexer, pIndexName As %String = "", pIndexLocation As %String(MAXLEN=""), pRecordID As %Integer, ByRef pIndexParams)
• classmethod PrepareAttributes(ByRef pIndexParams)
INPUT: %sentEntPos(sentInt,entPosInSent) = partPos %sent2EntPos(sentInt,entPosInSent) = entPos %entList(x) = $lb(literalValue, entIntDI, wordPos) %entIntIdToId(entInt) = entId %diEntIdToIntEntId(entIntDI) = entInt %ifsPath(sentInt, pathInc) = $lb(entIntDI...) %ifsAtt("S", sentInt, n) = $lb(attType, attStart, attSpan) // start/span on sent pos %ifsAtt("P", sentInt, pathInc, m) = $lb(attType, attStart, attSpan) // start/span on path pos %entPosToDIEntId(entPos) = entIntDI %pathRecEntPos(entIntDI) = entPosInRec OUTPUT: %attInfo(attType, posOff) = $bit(position)
• classmethod PrepareEntities(ByRef pIndexParams)
INPUT: %entList(x) = $lb(literalValue, entIntDI, wordPos) %entWords(x,y) = wordInt %wordIntIdToId(wordInt) = wordId %wordToStripped(wordInt) = strippedWordInt OUTPUT: %entD(entInt) = entIdStr %entI(entIdStr) = entInt %entW(entInt) = $lb(wordId...) %diEntIdToIntEntId(entIntDI) = entInt %diEntIdToIntEntId(entIntDI, entIntNonStripped) = "" // if they differ from the main one
• classmethod PreparePaths(ByRef pIndexParams)
Process path info. Either %ifsPath entries contain positive integers, which represent simple entity positions in the record, or they are negative and represent sentence positions, which are remapped by this method. INPUT %ifsPath(sentInc,pathInc) = $lb(entOccs OR sentPos...) %sent2EntPos(sentInc,sentPos) = entOcc OUTPUT %ifsPath(sentInc,pathInc) = $lb(entOccs...)