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sys.messagesXref - lookup from one domain to another. sys_message cross reference to look up XSQL messages given a messageId and an errorCode. errorCode from most messages is '0' but for $$$ObjectScriptError and $$$SQLError the errorCode corresponds to the $ZError and SQLCODE values respectively. This class is not intended for use in error reporting. It is simply a way to convert a message from one domain into an equivalent message in another domain.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
5 8 1


cacheMessage errorCode messageText xsqlDomain xsqlId

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linkCacheToXSQL linkMessage linkXSQLToCache unlinkCacheToXSQL


• property cacheMessage as %Integer(XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
• property errorCode as %String(MAXLEN=255,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
• property messageText as %String(MAXLEN=200,XMLPROJECTION="") [ Calculated ];
• property xsqlDomain as %String(XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
• property xsqlId as %Integer(XMLPROJECTION="");


• classmethod %GetMessageText(pCacheMessageId As %Integer, pErrorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)) as %String
• classmethod findCache(pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer) as %String
Lookup a messageId and errorCode given a sys_messages id This is used commonly for a RAISEERROR statement
• classmethod findXSQL(pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0") as %Integer
findXSQL - lookup a XSQL sys_messages id given a messageId and errorCode messageId is the status id and errorCode is the submessage id.
• classmethod linkCacheToXSQL(cacheStatus As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0", pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer)
• classmethod linkMessage(pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer, cacheStatus As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0")
xref - link XSQL message to message object and invert the link not every message link has an inverse because a given message only uses one inverse message but it may be used by many inverse messages.
• classmethod linkXSQLToCache(pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer, cacheStatus As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0")
• classmethod unlinkCacheToXSQL(cacheStatus As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0", pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer)
• classmethod unlinkXSQLToCache(pDomain As %String, messageId As %Integer, cacheStatus As %Integer, errorCode As %String(MAXLEN=255)="0")


•index (IDK on cacheMessage,errorCode,xsqlDomain) [IdKey];

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