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persistent class %XML.XPATH.DOMResult extends %XML.XPATH.Result


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
13 17


AttributeCount EOF HasAttributes HasValue LocalName
Name NodeType Path ReadState Type
Uri Value target

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TypeGet UriGet ValueGet


• property AttributeCount as %Integer;
Public property, Only applicable to element nodes. Returns the number of attributes on the current node.
• property EOF as %Boolean;
Public property, true if the reader is positioned at the end of the stream; otherwise, false.
• property HasAttributes as %Boolean;
Public property, Gets a value indicating whether the current node has any attributes. true if the current node has attributes; otherwise, false.
• property HasValue as %Boolean;
Public property, returns true if the node on which the reader is currently positioned can have a Value;
• property LocalName as %String;
Public property, The unqualified name of the current node. The name returned is dependent on the NodeType of the node.
• property Name as %String;
Public property, The qualified name of the current node. The name returned is dependent on the NodeType of the node.
• property NodeType as %String;
Public property, contains the node type of the current node as indicated by the following table:- Node Type --------- attribute chars cdata comment document documentfragment documenttype element entity entityreference notation processinginstruction
• property Path as %String;
Public property, contains the current path to the containing element
• property ReadState as %String;
Public property, returns the current read state of the reader The following table lists the states and their meanings State Meaning ----- ------- eof The end of the file has been reached successfully. initial The Read method has not been called. cursoractive The Read method has been called. Additional methods may be called on the reader.
• property Uri as %String;
Public property, The uri of the current node. The name returned is dependent on the NodeType of the node.
• property Value ;
Public property, returns the value of the current node. If the value is <32k in length then a string will be returned, if greater then a character stream


• method AttributeCountGet() as %Integer
AttributeCount Implementation
• method EOFGet() as %Boolean
EOF Implementation
• method HasAttributesGet() as %Boolean
HasAttributes Implementation
• method HasValueGet() as %Boolean
HasValue Implementation
• method LocalNameGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the LocalName property.
• method MoveToAttributeIndex(pIndex As %String) as %Boolean
Moves to the attribute with the specified index. Returns 'true' on success, 'false' otherwise
• method MoveToAttributeName(pName As %String, pUri As %String = "") as %Boolean
Move to the attribute with the specified name. Returns 'true' on success, 'false' otherwise
• method MoveToElement() as %Boolean
Moves to the associated element when the current node is of type attribute
• method NameGet() as %String
Name implementation
• method NodeTypeGet() as %String
NodeType implementation
• method PathGet() as %String
Path Implementation
• method Read() as %Boolean
Reads the next node from the stream. Returns true if the next node was read successfully; false if there are no more nodes to read. When an DOMResult is first created and initialized, there is no information available. You must call Read to read the first node.
• method ReadStateGet() as %String
ReadState Implementation
• method Rewind()
Resets the reader to the initial state
• method UriGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the Uri property.
• method ValueGet()
Value Implementation

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