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abstract class %WebStress.Record


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BrowserRead ConnectRead Run Server


• classmethod BrowserRead(browserPort As %Integer, pNumber As %Integer, readTimeout As %Integer)
Get the actual request content from the browser for one specific request
• classmethod ConnectRead(browserPort As %Integer, readTimeout As %Integer, debug As %Boolean = 0)
This is where we sit on the specified port number and wait for the connections to come through from the browser
• classmethod Run(scriptName As %String, browserPort As %Integer = 8080, rtnName As %String = "", readTimeout As %Integer = 10, TokenMode As %Boolean = 0, debug As %Boolean = 0) as %String
Entry here to start a recording.
Scriptname is a unique text
browserPort is the port that this recording 'proxy' will listen on
readTimeOut is the number of seconds to wait for responses from the web servers
rtnName is the prefix that will be used for the ObjectScript routines when the randomisation routines are created for the script. debug will cause the main controlling program to output to the principal device
• classmethod Server(pNumber As %Integer, readTimeout As %Integer)
This is where we send a specific request to the web server and get the responses

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