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Private  Storage   


index class %UIMA.Index extends %Library.FunctionalIndex


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
5 6


DeleteIndex Find InsertIndex PurgeIndex
SegmentFinalize SegmentInitialize SegmentInsert SortBeginIndex
SortEndIndex UpdateIndex


Additional class path that should be loaded to run the AE described in AEDESCRIPTOR.
• parameter AEDESCRIPTOR;
Full path to the Descriptor of the Analysis Engine that should be invoked to process the property data this index is registered for.
Name of the XData block defining additional features and indices to configure for the annotation store. If left blank, the system will look for an XData block with the same name as the index and use that if it exists. If there is no such XData block either, the default settings will be used.
• parameter FILERPASSWORD = "SYS";
Password for FILERUSER.
• parameter FILERUSER = "_SYSTEM";
Username the Annotation Filer component should use to connect back into InterSystems IRIS. You can create a dedicated user with just connect privileges (%Service_Login) and no access rights on actual databases for this purpose. The internal APIs will grant appropriate privileges for the duration of the Filer's session.


• classmethod DeleteIndex(pID As %RawString, pArg... As %Binary)
This method is invoked when an existing instance of a class is deleted.
• classmethod InsertIndex(pID As %RawString, pArg... As %Binary)
This method is invoked when a new instance of a class is inserted into the database.
• classmethod PurgeIndex()
• classmethod SortBeginIndex()
• classmethod SortEndIndex(pCommit As %Integer = 1)
• classmethod UpdateIndex(pID As %RawString, pArg... As %Binary)
This method is invoked when an existing instance of a class is updated.