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class %Studio.SASchemaUtil extends %RegisteredObject

This class is used internally by InterSystems IRIS.
This internal utility class provides an API for serving StudioAssist Schemas (SASchema) for use by Studio.


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• parameter DELIMITER = ":";


• classmethod getSchemaDefinition(pSchemaNameSpace As %String, Output pOutput As %String) as %Status
• classmethod getSchemaDefinitionIntoCacheTemp(pSchemaNameSpace As %String, pIndex As %String) as %Status
return the SASchema definition to the Studio
• classmethod getSchemaMoniker(pSchemaSpec As %String, Output pMonikerType, pMonikerName, pMonikerData, Output pRootClasses As %String) as %String
• classmethod isSchemaUpToDate(pSchemaNameSpace As %String) as %Boolean
returns if the SASchema is up-to-date
• classmethod loadSchema(pSchemaNameSpace As %String, pForce As %Boolean = 0, pForeground As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pIsSpawned As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
load the SASchema into the ^IRIS.SASchema global
• classmethod purge(pSchemaNameSpace As %String) as %Status
Purge the cached SASchema information for the given schema namespace.
• classmethod purgeAll() as %Status
Purge all cached SASchema information
• classmethod readSASchemaFromStream(pStream, pSchemaNameSpace, pChecksum) as %Status