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Private  Storage   


class %SYS.Task.Init extends %RegisteredObject

Used to initialize system values on new installs and to convert the task manager from previous versions.


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CreateCheckLogging CreateCleanSQLIndex CreateCleanSourceJournal CreateDiagnosticReport
CreateFeatureTracker CreateFreeSpaceTask CreateFrozenPlanScan CreateIntegrityCheck
CreateInventoryScan CreatePurgeAudit CreatePurgeBackupLog CreatePurgeErrorsAndLogs
CreatePurgeJournal CreatePurgeTaskHistory CreatePurgeZENReports CreateResourceCleanup
CreateSecurityScan CreateSwitchJournal CreateUpdateSQLStats InitializeSystemTasks
ScheduleInventoryScan SetHighValue ToV20 ToV21
ToV22 ToV23 ToV24 ToV25
ToV26 ToV27 ToV28 ToV29



• parameter DOMAIN = "%Utility";


• classmethod CreateCheckLogging() as %Status
• classmethod CreateCleanSQLIndex() as %Status
• classmethod CreateCleanSourceJournal() as %Status
• classmethod CreateDiagnosticReport() as %Status
• classmethod CreateFeatureTracker() as %Status
• classmethod CreateFreeSpaceTask() as %Status
• classmethod CreateFrozenPlanScan() as %Status
• classmethod CreateIntegrityCheck() as %Status
• classmethod CreateInventoryScan() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeAudit() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeBackupLog() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeErrorsAndLogs() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeJournal() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeTaskHistory() as %Status
• classmethod CreatePurgeZENReports() as %Status
• classmethod CreateResourceCleanup() as %Status
• classmethod CreateSecurityScan() as %Status
• classmethod CreateSwitchJournal() as %Status
• classmethod CreateUpdateSQLStats() as %Status
• classmethod InitializeSystemTasks() as %Status
• classmethod ScheduleInventoryScan() as %Status
• classmethod SetHighValue() as %Status
• classmethod ToV20() as %Status
converts tasks from V1.4 to V2.0
• classmethod ToV21() as %Status
converts tasks from V2.0 to V2.1
• classmethod ToV22() as %Status
ToV22 added the SecurityScan task
• classmethod ToV23() as %Status
ToV23 added the SendButtons task
• classmethod ToV24() as %Status
ToV24 added the Purge Audit task
• classmethod ToV25() as %Status
ToV25 fix filing of PurgeAudit, PurgeJournal
• classmethod ToV26() as %Status
ToV26 Add PurgeErrorsAndLogs
• classmethod ToV27() as %Status
ToV27 modify default MirrorStatus
• classmethod ToV28() as %Status
ToV28 fix PurgeBackupLog
• classmethod ToV29() as %Status
ToV29 decode Diagnostic Report email password