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class %SYS.ClusterInfo extends

Cluster-specific Information


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• classmethod FindNode(CSN As %Integer, ByRef NodeInfo As %String) as %Integer
Return by reference the info piece about the cluster node of the given CSN, converted to a comma-delimited string (for backward compatibility)
Return code:
  • 0 if there no cluster node of CSN (that is alive at the moment) - NodeInfo is undefined;
  • 1 if the cluster node of CSN is the first piece (meaning it is the local node);
  • n>1 if the cluster node of CSN is the n-th piece (n has no particular meaning).
• classmethod GetNodes(ByRef NodeInfo As %String, NoConvert As %Boolean = 0, SkipSelf As %Boolean = 0) as %Integer
Return by reference an array of info pieces about all cluster nodes (that are currently alive)
The array NodeInfo is indexed by csn, with the value of each element being a comma-delimited string containing the info about the node of csn.
The value of the top node NodeInfo is the csn of the local node
Return code: the number of nodes in the cluster (that are alive at the moment)
• classmethod IsMaster() as %Boolean
True when this system is the cluster master
• classmethod IsMember() as %Boolean
Is the system part of a cluster or not
• classmethod MasterNodeName() as %String
Return node name of the current master in the cluster.
Returned null string if this system is not a cluster member.
• classmethod NodeInfoConvert(NodeInfo As %String) as %String
Swap the Hostname and IP fields in a CluNodeInfoD-delimited node info string if Hostname does NOT contain commas, the delimiter we will use. On exit, also convert the delimiter from CluNodeInfoD to comma.
• classmethod NodeListClose(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status
• classmethod NodeListExecute(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, SkipSelf As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
• classmethod NodeListFetch(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status
• classmethod NodeStatus() as %String


• query NodeList(SkipSelf As %Boolean = 0)
Selects CSN As %Integer, IP As %String, Port As %Integer, MGR Dir As %String, Journal Offset As %Integer, Journal File As %String, Journal File Count As %Integer, Transaction Offset As %Integer, Transaction File As %String, Transaction File Count As %Integer, Host Name As %String, Prev Journal Offset As %Integer, Prev Journal File Count As %Integer, Prev Journal File As %String, Journal WDPass As %Integer
Returns information about member nodes of the cluster using DNS resolution of the members' hostnames. If SkipSelf = 1, skip the node where the query is run