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Class structure used by %BENCHLANG routine Properties of a benchmark 'run' which will be the parent for a group of individual 'tests'.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
10 3


COSMark CPUNum CPUSpeed Comments Description
Duration SysName Tests Type ZV

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• property COSMark as %Float;
COSmark - system performance indicator based on a weighted total of all individual tests. Only computed for the default 'type' and 'duration', i.e ITERATIONS of 1000 CPU milliseconds. Will be '0' otherwise.
• property CPUNum as %Integer;
Number of CPUs on system
• property CPUSpeed as %Integer;
CPU speed in MHz.
• property Comments as %String(MAXLEN=80);
Additional comments to identify the benchmark run.
• property Description as %String(MAXLEN=80);
A text description of the run, including start date/time and any parameters.
• property Duration as %Integer;
The duration of each individual test, either the number of iterations or the CPU milliseconds.
• property SysName as %String(MAXLEN=80);
Name of system
• relationship Tests as Test [ Inverse = TestRun,Cardinality = children ];
The results of the individual tests in this run
• property Type as %String;
Either "ITERATIONS", "TIME" (elapsed time) or "CPU" (CPU time) to indicate which type of run this is.
• property ZV as %String(MAXLEN=160);
InterSystems IRIS version for this run


• method Inst1(Arg1 As %Integer) as %Status
A test instance method used by %BENCHLANG
• method Inst2(Arg1 As %String, Arg2 As %Integer, ByRef Arg3 As %String) as %Status
A test instance method used by %BENCHLANG
• classmethod Test() as %Status
Test method used by ^%BENCHLANG

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