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serial class %SQL.StatementParameter extends %SerialObject

%SQL.StatementParameter - metadata for a statement parameter. A StatementParameter instance contains the definition of a statement parameter. A statement parameter is a specific type of statement column. That type is defined in the columnType property. SQLRESULTCOL columns are not modeled as StatementParameter instances. Rather, a SQLRESULTCOL column is a StatementColumn instance.


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ODBCType colName columnType isNullable precision

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• property ODBCType as %Integer;
• property colName as %String(MAXLEN=255);
• property columnType as %Integer(MAXVAL=5);
columnType is the ODBC column type: SQLPARAMTYPEUNKNOWN 0 SQLPARAMINPUT 1 SQLPARAMINPUTOUTPUT 2 SQLRESULTCOL 3 SQLPARAMOUTPUT 4 SQLRETURNVALUE 5 SQLRESULTCOL types are not StatementParameter instances. Rather, SQLRESULTCOL columns are StatementColumn objects.
• property isNullable as %Boolean;
• property precision as %Integer;
• property scale as %Integer;

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