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abstract persistent class %SQL.Manager.UI extends %Persistent

%SQL.Manager's Web UI Methods


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classmethod CommonJS()
Writes out common JavaScript code for wizard pages.
classmethod DisplayError(ze As %String)
Write out alert box
classmethod ExportSteps(Step As %Integer = 1) as %String
Returns export steps that should be shown
classmethod ImportSteps(Step As %Integer = 1) as %String
Returns import steps that should be shown
classmethod SelectJS() as %Status
Writes out JavaScript code for selecting and deselecting properties and move selected properties up and down
classmethod WizardInit()
This init is called by the w*.csp
classmethod WizardStyle()
Write common code that is used by link table wizards
classmethod listSteps(Step, finalstep)
classmethod listTableClose(total)
classmethod listTableOpen()
classmethod writeHeader(Wizard) as %String
Return text that is shown in wizard header
classmethod writeStatus(text)
Return text that is shown in wizard status bar