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%REST.OpenAPI is the class which manages the OpenAPI 2.0 swagger description.


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IgnoreUnexpectedFields InternalError JSONPath Strict

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• property IgnoreUnexpectedFields as %Boolean;
If IgnoreUnexpectedFields is true, then unexpected fields will be ignored. If IgnoreUnexpectedFields is false, then unexpected fields will result in an error. If Strict=true, IgnoreUnexpectedFields defaults to false. Otherwise IgnoreUnexpectedFields defaults to true.
• property InternalError as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
The InternalError property is set to true if an internal error is trapped.
• property JSONPath as %String;
The JSON path of the current property. JSONPath is built up as we go along in order to be used in error messages.
• property Strict as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Determine how strict error checking is for the swagger definition. If Strict=0 (false), then only the swagger properties which are needed for code generation are checked. If Strict=1 (true), then all swagger properties are checked. The value of the strict parameter defaults to 1 (true)."


• classmethod CheckURL(url As %String) as %Boolean
Check for valid OpenAPI 2.0 URL
• classmethod ConvertURL(url As %String, ByRef modifiedUrl, ByRef parameters) as %Boolean
Convert OpenAPI 2.0 URL to form needed for UrlMap with regular expressions. The parameters argument is returned as a local array of parameter names.