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class %OAuth2.Utils extends %RegisteredObject

Utility methods for OAuth 2.0 support. This class is used internally by InterSystems IRIS. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class.


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Base64UrlDecode Base64UrlEncode CheckScope CommaToList
IsAlgRSA IsAlgSymmetric ListToComma LogCurrentSesssion
ObjectToJSON SelectLanguage UpdatePrivateJWKS


• classmethod Base64UrlDecode(text As %String) as %Binary
Decode base64url encoded string
• classmethod Base64UrlEncode(bin As %Binary) as %String
Encode binary value using base64url encoding
• classmethod CheckScope(tokenScope As %String, scope As %String) as %OAuth2.Error
Check that scope is subset of valid scopes for this token
• classmethod CommaToList(str As %String) as %List
Convert a comma separated list to a $list
• classmethod IsAlgRSA(alg As %String) as %Boolean
Check if apecified algorithm is RSA algorithm
• classmethod IsAlgSymmetric(alg As %String) as %Boolean
Check if apecified algorithm is symmetric
• classmethod ListToComma(list As %List) as %String
Convert a $list to comman separated list
• classmethod LogCurrentSesssion(methodName As %String)
Log the current session.
• classmethod ObjectToJSON(object As %DynamicAbstractObject) as %Status
Output JSON object to the current device
• classmethod SelectLanguage(uiLocales As %String, domain As %String) as %String
Select the language for Authentication Class localization.
uiLocales is the value of the ui_locales request parameter.
The return value is the selected language code.
Call looks like: Set language=##class(%OAuth2.Utils).SelectLanguage(properties.RequestProperties.GetAt("ui_locales"),domain)
• classmethod UpdatePrivateJWKS(ByRef privateJWKS As %String, ByRef publicJWKS As %String) as %Status
Update the private JWKS for client or authorization server with a new private/public key pair or each supported algorithm. UpdatePrivateJWKS is used to initially create the JWKS or to do key rotation.