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class %Net.MQPub extends %Net.MQSend

The MQPub class is used to Publish a message on an MQ Topic.  An MQ Topic is taken from the QName. Set the QName Property with the desired Topic string.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 1


ApplIdentityData Channel CharSetId Connection
Context CorrelationId GeneratedMessageId MessageId
PutApplType QMBehavior QMgr QName
ReplyQMgrName ReplyQName SSLCipherSpec Syncpoint
TopicName TopicString Transport

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• property TopicName as %String;
For the default case, the optional topicName needs to be created beforehand, using WebSphere MQ Explorer or this MQSC command: DEFINE TOPIC(STOCKS) TOPICSTR(NYSE) REPLACE; Topic name
• property TopicString as %String;
Topic String


• method %Connect() as %Boolean
%Connect creates a connection to a Topic and opens the queue object.  A connection and open MQ object (queue, topic, subscription) is required before messages can be sent or received. 

User must first set the standard MQSeries initialization arguments

Topic: Host Topic (Required)

QMgr: Host Queue Manager name. Passing "" connects to the default queue manager. (Optional)

Channel: Host Channel name (Optional)

Transport: Transport type (TCP, LU62, NETBIOS, SPX) (Optional)

Connection: Connection spec, e.g., "" (Optional)

See IBM MQ documentation on establishing defaults, and MQ authentication.

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