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Wrap the ZF functions of the BonjourAdvertiser library


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Advertise BrowseEnd BrowseRetrieve BrowseStart
BrowseUpdate Delist IsSupported LibraryName
ResolveRetrieve ResolveStart ResolveUpdate TXTMapCreate
TXTMapDestroy TXTMapGetAt TXTMapGetKeys TXTMapKeysToList


• classmethod Advertise(name As %String, type As %String, port As %Integer, txtHandle As %Integer)
• classmethod BrowseEnd(handle As %Integer)
• classmethod BrowseRetrieve(handle As %Integer) as %String
• classmethod BrowseStart(type As %String) as %Integer
• classmethod BrowseUpdate(handle As %Integer) as %Integer
• classmethod Delist(handle As %Integer)
• classmethod IsSupported() as %Boolean
Returns true if Bonjour services are available in this instance, false if not.
• classmethod LibraryName() as %String
Returns the name of the BonjourAdvertiser library
• classmethod ResolveRetrieve(handle As %Integer) as %String
• classmethod ResolveStart(interfaceIndex As %Integer, serviceName As %String, regType As %String, domain As %String) as %Integer
• classmethod ResolveUpdate(handle As %Integer) as %Integer
• classmethod TXTMapCreate() as %Integer
• classmethod TXTMapDestroy(handle As %Integer)
• classmethod TXTMapGetAt(handle As %Integer, key As %String, defaultValue As %String = "") as %String
• classmethod TXTMapGetKeys(handle As %Integer) as %String
• classmethod TXTMapKeysToList(keys As %String) as %List
• classmethod TXTMapSetAt(handle As %Integer, key As %String, value As %String)