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class %Monitor.System.HistoryUser extends %Monitor.System.Adaptor

%Monitor class to collect and manage part of the Monitor History Database. This class collects the SYS.History.User samples for the user-defined metrics. See the SYS.History.Adaptor class for more details on how to create user-defined metrics.


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6 2


Length Status

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• property Length as %Monitor.Integer;
Length of last sample
• property Status as %Monitor.String;
Status of last sample


• method GetSample() as %Status
Get the basic SYS.History.User sample for the Monitor History Database. This method also handles purging and accumulation of the Interval metrics into the long term database (SYS.History.UserHourly and SYS.History.UserDaily).
• method Startup() as %Status
Initialize property values

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