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abstract class %IO.IParts.CharacterIO extends %IO.IParts.ByteIO, %IO.IParts.LineIO

A character stream with byte-character transcoding for its storage or transport format based on the value of ..CharEncoding. ExternalCharacterStream extends IByteStream because "RawBytes" is an option for ..CharEncoding.


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CharEncoding LineTerminator

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%IO.I.CharacterStream %IO.I.TranslationDevice


• property CharEncoding as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ InitialExpression = "Native" ];
Names the character encoding used to encode this character stream in its storage or transport format A value of "Native" in this property means the stream is encoded in the native format for the local installation. Values of "RawBytes" or "Binary" mean that each character is represented by the corresponding byte in the external storage or transport format. (This property is overridden from %IO.IParts.ByteIO but has a different meaning in this character IO context.)


• method CharEncodingSet(pCharEncoding As %String) as %Status
This is a Set accessor method for the CharEncoding property.
• method IsCharacterGet() as %Boolean
(This property is overridden from %IO.I.Stream but has a different meaning in this context of character IO.)

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