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class %DeepSee.UserPortal.Application extends %ZEN.application, %CSP.Portal.SourceControl.Base

Base Zen application class for the DeepSee UserPortal. This is used by the HomePage, and Dashboard viewer pages.


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This is a Zen Application class.

Pages within this Application
%DeepSee.UserPortal.DashboardViewer %DeepSee.UserPortal.ErrorPage %DeepSee.UserPortal.Home

%StatusCode canEdit currentNamespace currentProject
currentUser hasSCOutput msgNotPermitted needProject
readOnly readOnlyReason renamed sourceControlEnabled
sourceControlManagerDialog sourceControlNewlineFormat sourceControlOutputDialog sourceControlVisible

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initializeSourceControl initializeTextMonitor invokeAfterUserAction invokeSourceControl
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onDocumentSaveComplete onloadHandler reloadDocument saveDocument
setReadOnly setSCProject showSCMenu showSCOutput
textControlKeyDown textControlKeyUp updateDocumentState updateSCIndicator


• parameter APPLICATIONNAME = "DeepSee Portal";
This is the name of this application.
• parameter COMPANYNAME = "InterSystems";
This is the default company name displayed within this application.
• parameter DOMAIN = "%DeepSee";
The default domain for csp:text, span and div tags. This parameter is used to specify the subset of localized messages to be used on this page.
• parameter HOMEPAGE = "_DeepSee.UserPortal.Home.zen";
This is the URL of the main starting page of this application.


• method %DrawSmallMenu(ByRef pMenu As %String)
Draw small menu at the top of the title area.
• method %DrawTitleHTML(pTitle As %String, ByRef pSmallMenu) as %Status
Draw the HTML contents of the title area for portal pages.
• method %GetServerInfo(Output pInfo)
Get information about this server, return it via the array pInfo
• method %OnGetCompanyName() as %String
Get the company name for the page.
• classmethod GetQuickLinks(Output pLinks) as %Status
Provide any quick links for pages.