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persistent class %DeepSee.Report.DataView extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

This class represents an instance of a DeepSee DataView.
A DataView provides a set of data fields that can then be used by a DeepSee report. N.B. the storage for this class *must* be set to a non-% global. !!! deprecated


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
8 3 2


caption category description fields name
passThrough resource sourceClass

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• property caption as %String(MAXLEN=250,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Display name used for this data view.
• property category as %String(MAXLEN=250,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Category name for this data view. A category name is used to provide a grouping for data views.
• property description as %String(MAXLEN=500,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Optional. Description of this data view.
• relationship fields as DataViewField(XMLELEMENTREF=1,XMLPROJECTION="ELEMENT",XMLTYPECONSTRAINT="CHOICE") [ Inverse = dataView,Cardinality = children ];
Set of fields within this data view.
• property name as %String(MAXLEN=500,XMLPROJECTION="attribute") [ Required ];
Logical name of this data view.
This is used to identify the dataview and must be unique.
By convention names take the form:
• property passThrough as %Boolean(XMLPROJECTION="attribute") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, then this data view is in "pass through" mode; the set of public properties in the sourceClass are automatically treated as members of the data view.
• property resource as %String(MAXLEN=100,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Optional. Name of the resource for which a user must have USE privilege in order to use this data view.
• property sourceClass as %String(MAXLEN=255,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Name of the persistent class that supplies data for this data view.


• method %GetFields(Output pFields As %List) as %Status
Return an array of fields defined by this data view.
This array takes the form:
pFields(n) = $LB(name,caption,string|integer|number|date|reference,refClass)
• method %GetSQLForField(pField As %String, Output pExpr As %String) as %Status
Given a field name, return the SQL expression needed to fetch it.
• method %GetSQLTableName(Output pTable As %String) as %Status
Return the SQL table that supplies data for this dataView.


•index (Category on category);
•index (NameKey on name) [IdKey];
Main key for this class.