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class %DeepSee.REST.v1.InfoServer extends %DeepSee.REST.REST

This class is responsible for creating the JSON response to the DeepSee REST informational services. For examples and a full list of available services see the documentation for %DeepSee.REST.v1<.class>.


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WriteMeasuresForCube WriteNamedFiltersForCube WritePivotList WritePivotVariablesForCube


• classmethod Test(namespace As %String) as %Status
Test method to confirm connection in the service type
• classmethod WriteCubeList(namespace As %String) as %Status
Return a list of available cubes on the system.
• classmethod WriteDashboardList(namespace As %String) as %Status
Return a list of available dashboards on the system.
• classmethod WriteDetailsForPivotVariable(namespace As %String, pUrl) as %Status
Return details for a given pivot variable with logical name pVariableName, available in pCubeName.
• classmethod WriteFilterMembers(namespace As %String, pUrl) as %Status
Return the available members for a filter defined by pSpec within the context of pCube.
• classmethod WriteFiltersForDataSource(namespace As %String, pDataSource) as %Status
Retrieve the list of available filters for a given pCube
• classmethod WriteKPIList(namespace As %String)
Retrieve the list of available KPIs
• classmethod WriteListingFieldsForCube(namespace As %String, pCubeName) as %Status
Return a list of available listing fields for pCubeName.
• classmethod WriteListingsForCube(namespace As %String, pDataSource) as %Status
Return a list of available listings for pDataSource.
• classmethod WriteMeasuresForCube(namespace As %String, pCubeName) as %Status
Return a list of available measures for pCubeName.
• classmethod WriteNamedFiltersForCube(namespace As %String, pCubeName) as %Status
Return a list of available named filters for pCubeName.
• classmethod WritePivotList(namespace As %String) as %Status
Return a list of available pivots on the system.
• classmethod WritePivotVariablesForCube(namespace As %String, pCubeName) as %Status
Return a list of available pivot variables for pCubeName.
• classmethod WriteQualityMeasuresForCube(namespace As %String, pCubeName) as %Status
Return a list of available quality measures for pCubeName.