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class %DeepSee.REST.v1 extends %DeepSee.REST.REST

This class provides validation and dispatch for version 1 of the DeepSee REST services In general, required arguments are expected in the URL. The exceptions to this rule are /Data/MDXExecute and /Data/PivotExecute, which require an argument POSTed to the the body of the request. For some services, the client may POST additional parameters in the body of the request. The description for each service outlines the parameters accepted for that particular service. In all services, unknown parameters that are included in the request body are ignored.

Example: Execute an MDX query using an HTTP POST request, sent to a web application with Dispatch class %DeepSee.REST.v1.

		var request = {};
		var mdx = 'SELECT ' +
			  '  NON EMPTY [Product].[P1].[Product Category].Members ON 0,' +
			  '  NON EMPTY [Outlet].[H1].[Region].Members ON 1 ' +
			  'FROM [HoleFoods]'
		request.method = 'POST';
		request.user = 'user';
		request.passwd = 'pass';
		request.acceptType = 'JSON';
		request.contentType = 'JSON';
		request.body = '{"MDX":"' + mdx + '"}';
		request.callback = custom.queryCallBack
		request.async = true;
		request.url = 'http://host/port/restApplication/v1/Data/MDX';
		// run the query
		var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
		// kick off the request
Requests may be sent to the following services:


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• classmethod %ValidateRequest(pUrl As %String, pMethod As %String) as %Status
Verfies required Converts request body