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class %DeepSee.PlugIn.Median extends

This Analytic plug-in computes the MEDIAN on a given measure for a given cube.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 4


%cacheKey %cellContext %cubeName %data
%factCount %filterValues %fromCache %id
%message %plugInListingKey %queryKey %rangeLower
%rangeUpper %seriesCount %seriesNames %source
%sqlResultSet %thresholdLower %thresholdUpper

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• parameter BASECUBE = "*";
Cube(s) that this plug-in is based on.
• parameter LISTINGSOURCE = "FactTable";
Specifies the source of the listing data used by this plugin: "SourceTable" - the data source supplies the listing values; "FactTable" - the fact table supplies the listing values.
• parameter PLUGINTYPE = "Aggregate";
Specifies the type of this plug-in. This indicates the context in which this plug-in is used.
"Pivot" -- the plug-in is visible within the Analyzer dimension tree.
"Aggregate" -- the plug-in is not visible within the Analyzer dimension tree.


• method %OnCompute(pSQLRS As %SQL.StatementResult, pFactCount As %Integer) as %Status
Compute the median of values within the result set.
• method %OnGetListingFields() as %String
Returns the field list (RETURN clause) of the listing used to supply data for this plug-in. In this case, determine which measure we need.
• method %OnGetMDX(ByRef pMDX As %String) as %Status
Get the base query for this plug-in.
• classmethod Median(k)
Find the median value within the temp file.