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Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
5 5 1


InputCount Interface ObjectName ReturnCount RuleType

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%UnlockId %ValidateIndices %ValidateObject IsDynamicTable
ObjectNameSet TableExists UpdateProcedureRule UpdateTableRule


• property InputCount as %Integer;
• property Interface as %String;
• property ObjectName as %String(MAXLEN=255);
• property ReturnCount as %Integer;
• property RuleType as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Procedure,TempTable,BaseTable,View",VALUELIST=",P,T,B,V");


• classmethod IsDynamicTable(pName As %String = "") as %Integer
IsDynamicTable returns TRUE if the table cannot be positively identified as a permanent table (base table or view). If the table is in the dictionary and there is no temporary table conversion rule then the table is considered to be a permanent table (base or view). Otherwise, the table is assumed to be either temporary or created at runtime, both situations require dynamic statement processing.
• method ObjectNameSet(newvalue As %String(MAXLEN=255)) as %Library.Status
Force ObjectName to be uppercase
• classmethod TableExists(pSchemaName As %String = "", pTableName As %String = "") as %Library.Integer
• classmethod UpdateProcedureRule(pProcedureName, pInputCount, pReturnCount, pInterface) as %Library.Status
• classmethod UpdateTableRule(pTableType, pTableName) as %Library.Status
A TempTable rule identifies a table as a temporary table. The ObjectName is the upper cased value encountered during the processing of CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE...


•index (IDK on RuleType,ObjectName) [IdKey];

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