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Private  Storage   


class %Collection.Super extends %RegisteredObject

Functions needed for all collection classes


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 8 6


ElementClassType ElementType LiteralBehavior OrefStorage
Owner ReadOnly Storage StreamLocation

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%Collection.ArrayOfDT %Collection.ArrayOfObj %Collection.ListOfDT %Collection.ListOfObj


• parameter ELEMENTTYPE = "%String";
The type (class name) of the elements stored in the collection.


• property ElementClassType as %String;
The ClassType of the elements stored by this collection
• property ElementType as %RawString [ InitialExpression = ..#ELEMENTTYPE ];
The type (classname:propertyname) of the elements stored in the collection.
• property LiteralBehavior as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
True if this collection is a 'literal object' so the Insert/Set should make a copy of the object before inserting it.
• property OrefStorage as %Integer;
• property Owner as %String;
Integer version of the object that has the collection data
• property ReadOnly as %Boolean;
True if this collection is read only
• property Storage as %Integer;
• property StreamLocation as %String;
For stream collections this contains the stream root location


• method %Disconnect() as %Status
Called when the parent object is about to be removed so this collection can exist in a disconnected state. It makes a copy of the parents collection information.
• method %IsModified() as %Integer
Returns true (1) if a property of this instance has been modified, otherwise false (0). A TRUE result does not necessarily mean that any property has actually been changed. If %IsModified() returns false then the object has not been modified. There are some situations where we simply cannot efficiently detect a change in value. In these cases we will set the modified status of the property.
• method %SetModified(val As %Boolean) as %Status
Setting the modified state of the object.
• method Clear() as %Status
Clears the contents of the array. Both the OID value is cleared.

Returns a %Status value indicating success or failure.

• abstract method DeSerialize(serialized As %String(MAXLEN="")) as %Status
Deserialize from string created with Serialize back to collection
• abstract method Serialize(force As %Integer = 0) as %String
Serialize constructs a serialized form of the collection as a string