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persistent class Security.SQLPrivileges extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor, %SYSTEM.Help

Define the SQL Privilege mapping in the ^SYS global Mapping was added for SQL Privileges to take advantage of XML export


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
7 2 2 1


Grantable Grantee Grantor Namespace Privilege
SQLObject SQLPrivString

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• property Grantable as %TinyInt(VALUELIST=",0,1") [ Required ];
Grantable - 1/0, can this privilege be granted by the user
• property Grantee as %String(MAXLEN=64,MINLEN=1) [ Required ];
Grantee - user/role the privilege was granted to
• property Grantor as %String(MAXLEN=64,MINLEN=1) [ Required ];
Grantor - user/role that granted the privilege
• property Namespace as %String(MAXLEN=256) [ Required ];
Namespace the privilege is defined in
• property Privilege as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",%ALTER,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE,SELECT,REFERENCES,EXECUTE",MAXLEN=1,VALUELIST=",a,i,u,d,s,r,e") [ Required ];
Privilege assigned to the user/role
• property SQLObject as %String(MAXLEN=256) [ Required ];
ObjectType,ObjectName e.g. "1,Sample.Person" or "3,Sample.PersonView"
• property SQLPrivString as %String(MAXLEN=500,XMLPROJECTION="NONE") [ Calculated ];
SQL Privilege resource string


• classmethod Export(FileName As %String = "SQLPrivilegesExport.xml", ByRef NumExported As %Integer = 0) as %Status
This method exports SQL Object Privilege records to a file in xml format.
Filename - Output file name
NumExported (byref) - Returns number of records exported.
• classmethod Import(FileName As %String, ByRef NumImported As %Integer, Flags As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Import SQLPrivilege records from an xml file.
FileName - Filename to import Role records from
NumImported (byref) - Returns number of records imported
Flags - Control import
Bit 0 - Do not import records, just return count
Note: On failure, no records will be imported


• query DirectPrivileges(UserRole As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT Namespace,SQLObject,Privilege,Grantee,Grantor,Grantable FROM SQLPrivileges
WHERE (Grantee = :UserRole)
Given a User or Role name, return the ID information for the privileges that have been directly granted to the user or role
• query List()
SQL Query :
SELECT Namespace,SQLObject,Privilege,Grantee,Grantor,Grantable FROM SQLPrivileges
Return the ID information for all SQL Object Privileges


•index (IDKey on Namespace,SQLObject,Privilege,Grantee,Grantor) [IdKey];

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