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class SYS.EnsMetrics extends SYS.Metrics

Specialized system metric class for production-enabled systems.


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GetDatabaseMetrics GetECPStatistics GetGlobalStatistics GetMainMetrics
GetProcessMetrics GetSeparator GetShadowMetrics GetStatistics


• classmethod GetMainMetrics(pID As %String, pCount As %Integer, Output pValues, Output pStatus, Output pMsg, pInterval As %Numeric = 10) as %Status
This method returns the metric values used by the Interoperability System Monitor. pID is an optional identifier; this is used for dashboards that may provide values for different items.
pCount indicates how many times the corresponding Dashboard last called this method. On the initial call, this value is 0. This is useful for cases where you do not want to recalculate value each time. pInterval indicates how stale data is allowed to get before a process will attempt to update the Interoperability-specific data.

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