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serial class SYS.DataCheck.PhaseCheck extends SYS.DataCheck.Phase

Begins a new check on all globals that the system is configured to check. Starts a new RangeList listset to hold the results of the new check. The previous set of results is saved and any earlier set is purged.


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2 1


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• parameter FINDGLOBALS = 1;
If 1 or 2, before calling OnAction, the system will build an array of global names for all of the databases configured for this DataCheck system. It builds the array in the process-private global ^||%DataCheck.Globals. The first subscript is the LocalDatabase on this system and the second subscript is the global name (including the leading "^").

If 1, the system settings for using global selection masks and global selection rangelists ia respected when building the array. If the system is set to use global selection rangelists to store a list of subscript ranges to include/exclude and such a rangelist exists for the global, the value of the node in ^||%DataCheck.Globals will be set to 1, else 0.

If 2, the system settings will be ignored and all globals in all databases will be found.

The global directories on both the source and destination are searched, and any global that exists in either system will be included in the array. Additionally, if this parameter is set to 1, globals that have a global selection rangelist defined will be included regardless of whether they exist in either global directory.

If 0 (the default), the ^||%DataCheck.Globals is not built. Subclasses should override this parameter only if necessary.

• parameter SHORTDESCRIPTION = "Check consistency of all globals selected";
Override this property with a string describing the purpose of this action type.


• method OnAction() as %Status
Called on each iteration of the action to perform the action (typically to create queries). The system starts a transaction before calling this method to guarantee that all queries created are created atomically and that the nextphase

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