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class SYS.Container extends %RegisteredObject


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• classmethod ChangePassword(pPassword As %String) as %String
Change the password of all enabled accounts with non-empty role

pPassword File containing clear-text password (encrypted on save)

• classmethod ForcePasswordChange() as %Status
• classmethod PreventFailoverMessage() as %Status
IRIS stores the hostname it is running on in the database. If IRIS later starts and discovers the hostname has changed, it will emit a warning: "System appears to have failed over from node OLD_HOSTNAME". This method removes the stored hostname, preventing that message.
• classmethod QuiesceAndShutdown(language As %String)
This method runs QuiesceForBundling and shuts down IRIS. It does not return, but will cause the invoking process to exit with a status code of 5 (success) or 1 (error). Any errors from QuiesceAndShutdown will be printed to stdout using $SYSTEM.Status.DecomposeStatus(). If you specify a language, that language will be passed to DecomposeStatus().
• classmethod QuiesceForBundling() as %Status
This method runs all of the ObjectScript code necessary to get InterSystems IRIS into a state where it can safely be serialized into a container image.
• classmethod SetNeverExpires(pUsername As %String) as %Status
Sets the AccountNeverExpires bit for a username. Without this, user accounts will expire in images that are more than 90 days old.

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