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Private  Storage   


persistent class Backup.Task extends %Persistent, %SYSTEM.Help

A backup task is a backup type and an output device with an optional description. There are a set of system defined tasks which cannot be changed.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 11 3 3


Description Device DeviceIsTape LastFile
LastModifiedTime LastRunStatus LastRunTime Name
SwitchJournal SystemTask Type

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• parameter DOMAIN = "%Utility";
Default Localization Domain


• property Description as %String(MAXLEN=256);
User-specified description of this backup task. This is stored in the backup history.
• property Device as %SysPath;
User-specified output device for this backup task. This can be a tape device or a directory where the backup files are stored. If this is blank the default is the Backup subdirectory under the directory which contains the IRISSYS database.
• property DeviceIsTape as %Boolean;
True if the output device is a tape.
• property LastFile as %String(MAXLEN=256) [ ReadOnly ];
Date portion of the filename for the last run of this task. The full filename consists of this property plus the .cbk file extension.

Log files are located in the Backup subdirectory under the directory that contains the IRISSYS database, and their filenames consist of the LastFile property plus the .log file extension.
• property LastModifiedTime as %String [ ReadOnly ];
The date and time this backup task was last modified.
• property LastRunStatus as %String [ ReadOnly ];
The status of this backup task's last run. It can be blank if the task has never been run, or else one of the following statuses: "Running", "Completed", or "Failed".
• property LastRunTime as %String [ ReadOnly ];
The date and time this backup task was last run.
• property Name as %String [ ReadOnly ];
The name of this task.
• property SwitchJournal as %Boolean;
Indicates whether the journal file should be switched as part of running the backup.
• property SystemTask as %Boolean [ ReadOnly ];
Denotes that this is a system task. Certain tasks are defined by the system and cannot be modified.
• property Type as %String(DISPLAYLIST="/Full/Incremental/Cumulative Incremental",VALUELIST="/0/1/2");
Type of backup which will be performed.


• classmethod HistoryClose(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status
• classmethod HistoryExecute(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, DateTimeStart As %String = "", DateTimeEnd As %String = "") as %Status
• classmethod HistoryFetch(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status


• query History(DateTimeStart As %String = "", DateTimeEnd As %String = "")
Selects Type As %String, Databases As %String, Time As %String, Journal As %String, LogFile As %String, Status As %String
Provides a history of all backup operations that have been executed. The results are in reverse-chronological order.

Input Parameters:
  • DateTimeStart is the starting datetime in $H format for the backup history. If it is a null string then the starting time is the earliest in the recorded history.
  • DateTimeEnd is the ending datetime in $H format for the backup history. If it is a null string then the ending time is the latest in the recorded history.
• query List()
Selects Name As %String, Type As %String, Device As %String, SwitchJournal As %Boolean, Description As %String, LastModifiedTime As %String, LastRunTime As %String, Status As %String, ReadOnly As %Boolean, IsTape As %Boolean, LastLogFile As %String, StatusStr As %String
Provides a list of all currently defined tasks.
The four built-in tasks are always returned first, followed by any user-defined tasks.

LastFile only has a value if a log file exists from the last run of the backup.
• query ListLogFiles(task As %String = "")
Selects Name As %String,
Returns a list of log files that exist for a specified backup task. If no task is specified, returns a list of all log files for all backup tasks.