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persistent class %iKnow.Stemming.MultiLanguageConfig extends %iKnow.Stemming.Configuration

Configuration settings for a stemmer supporting multiple languages. Each language can be configured separately, or just use the default settings.

Unless you're using custom configurations, using the default configuration ("DEFAULT") will automatically support multiple languages. See also %iKnow.Stemming.DefaultStemmer.


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Languages Name StemmerConfigs
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property Languages as %String;
Comma-separated list of languages this stemmer supports, or "*" if it supports all
property StemmerConfigs as %String;
Comma-separated list of custom configurations to use for each language in Languages. Entries left blank will be instantiated using the default configuration.


method CreateStemmerObject(Output pStemmer As %iKnow.Stemmer) as %Status
Instantiates a stemmer object based on the current object's configuration. (Does not need to be persisted)