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class %iKnow.Filters.SimpleMatchFilter extends %iKnow.Filters.DictionaryMatchFilter

NOTE: This class is deprecated, use %iKnow.Filters.DictionaryMatchFilter() instead

%iKnow.Filters.Filter implementation selecting sources based on whether they contain a minimum and/or maximum number or total score of dictionary matches.

NOTE: by default, this filter only uses existing match results and will only ensure all sources are fully matched when the ensureMatched parameter is enabled!

Filter parameters:

  1. domainId As %Integer
  2. dictIds As %List - target dictionaries (ORed together)
  3. min As %Numeric (default 1) - minimum count or total score (-1 = no minimum)
  4. max As %Numeric (default -1) - maximum count or total score (-1 = no maximum)
  5. metric As %String (["COUNT"|"SCORE"], default "COUNT") - whether to take the number of matches (default) or their aggregated score.
  6. ensureMatched As %Integer - controls whether or not all sources in the domain are matched through an explicit call to MatchingAPI.MatchSources() as follows:
    • 0 - no explicit matching, use current matching results (default)
    • 1 - match before every invocation of the filter (warning: significant performance impact!)
    • 2 - match once when the filter is instantiated

Inherited Methods

%AddToSaveSet() %ValidateObject() GetFirstFilteredSource()
%ClassIsLatestVersion() CheckResultCache() GetLabel()
%ClassName() CheckResultCacheSingle() GetNextCRCOccurrenceFilterOffset()
%ConstructClone() ClearCachedFilter() GetNextCRCUniqueFilterOffset()
%DispatchClassMethod() ClearCachedFilters() GetNextCcUniqueFilterOffset()
%DispatchGetModified() CreateAsString() GetNextEntityOccurrenceFilterOffset()
%DispatchGetProperty() CreateFromBitstring() GetNextEntityUniqueFilterOffset()
%DispatchMethod() CreateGroupAsString() GetNextPathFilterOffset()
%DispatchSetModified() FromString() GetNextSourceFilterOffset()
%DispatchSetMultidimProperty() GetCRCOccurrenceFilter() GetNextSrcId()
%DispatchSetProperty() GetCRCUniqueFilter() GetPathFilter()
%Extends() GetCcUniqueFilter() GetSourceFilter()
%GetParameter() GetEntityOccurrenceFilter() Initialize()
%IsA() GetEntityUniqueFilter() Invalidate()
%IsModified() GetFilteredCcFrequency() IsFiltered()
%New() GetFilteredCcSpread() IsValid()
%NormalizeObject() GetFilteredCrcFrequency() RestoreFilterFromId()
%ObjectModified() GetFilteredCrcSpread() RestoreFilterFromString()
%OriginalNamespace() GetFilteredEntityFrequency() StoreResultCache()
%PackageName() GetFilteredEntitySpread() StoreResultCacheSingle()
%RemoveFromSaveSet() GetFilteredEntityUniqueCount() ToString()
%SerializeObject() GetFilteredStemFrequency()
%SetModified() GetFilteredStemSpread()