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Controling class for System Monitor. Used to start and stop System Monitor process. Includes helper config methods used by ^%SYSMONMGR.


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Start StartSystemMonitorUserNS State Stop
StudentTTest Unlock


• classmethod AddComponentClass(Sclass As %String, Desc As %String = "") as %Status
Add class to Monitor
• classmethod CalcSignif(Tval, Degrees, ByRef NullProbability As %String)
Returns NullProbability = 0: Null hypothesis < 90% probability Returns NullProbability = 1: Null hypothesis < 95% probability Returns NullProbability = 2: Null hypothesis < 99% probability Returns NullProbability = 3: Null hypothesis < 99.9% probability Returns NullProbability = 4: Null hypothesis > 99.9% probability
• classmethod CalcStats(ByRef Readings As %List, ByRef Mean As %Integer, ByRef Sigma2 As %Integer) as %Status
Calculate mean and standard deviation squared based on list of values
• classmethod DebugLev(level As %Boolean) as %Boolean
System Monitor debug level. Setting to '1' will cause %SYS.Monitor.Control to save SystemSensors as %SYS.Monitor.SensorReading objects.
• classmethod DeleteStartNS(Namespace As %String) as %Status
Remove a System Monitor startup namespace
• classmethod Enabled(state As %Boolean) as %Boolean
Disable / Enable System Monitor
• classmethod InitializeDB() as %Status
• classmethod Interval(int As %Integer) as %Integer
System Monitor sample interval
• classmethod IsComponent(Sclass As %String) as %Boolean
Check if class is a component of System Monitor
• classmethod IsUp() as %Integer
Check if System Monitor is running
• classmethod KeepDashboardDays(days As %Integer) as %Integer
Set number of days of Dashboard history to keep. Default is 5 days. Returns current number of days.
• classmethod ListStartNS(Namespace As %String) as %Status
List System Monitor startup namespaces
• classmethod Lock() as %Boolean
System Monitor Lock
• classmethod RemoveComponentClass(Sclass As %String) as %Status
Remove component class from Monitor
• classmethod ResetDefault() as %Status
Reset all system monitor configuration data to default values
• classmethod SetStartNS(Namespace As %String) as %Status
Set a System Monitor startup namespace
• classmethod Start() as %Status
Main classmethod
• classmethod StartSystemMonitorUserNS() as %Status
Start System Monitor in user namespaces where %MONAPP is active
• classmethod State() as %String
Get the state for a subscriber Return: 0 - not running, -1 - unexpected error, else string with state information.
• classmethod Stop() as %Integer
Stop the System monitor
• classmethod StudentTTest(Readings1 As %List, Readings2 As %List, ByRef Mean1 As %Integer, ByRef Mean2, ByRef Sigma1 As %Integer, ByRef Sigma2 As %Integer, ByRef TVal, ByRef Degree, ByRef Result) as %Status
Perform the Student T-Test for 2 sets of data. Result is a string giving probability that the means of the two sets are significantly (statistically) different.
• classmethod Unlock() as %Boolean
System Monitor Unlock