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persistent class %SQL.Manager.QButtons.Base extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 17 15 1


%Concurrency AllowDelimitedIdentifiers BackgroundJobNumber ClassDefXml
ClassList DefaultSchema IncludeResults QueryCompileDecomposedStatus
QueryCompileStatus QueryIntCode QueryPlan QueryPlanArray
QueryResultData QueryStatement TimeInserted UserInserted
VersionString WRCNumber

%%OIDGet %1Check %AddJrnObjToSyncSet %AddToSaveSet
%AddToSyncSet %BMEBuilt %BindExport %BuildIndices
%BuildIndicesSegment %BuildObjectGraph %CheckConstraints %CheckConstraintsForExtent
%ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %Close %ComposeOid
%ConstructClone %Delete %DeleteExtent %DeleteId
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %DowngradeConcurrency
%ExecuteAfterTriggers %ExecuteBeforeTriggers %Exists %ExistsId
%Extends %FileIndices %FileIndicesBuffered %GUID
%GUIDSet %GetLock %GetParameter %GetSwizzleObject
%Id %IncrementCount %InsertBatch %IsA
%IsModified %IsNull %JournalObject %KillExtent
%KillExtentData %LoadFromMemory %LockExtent %LockId
%New %NormalizeObject %ObjectIsNull %ObjectModified
%Oid %OnBeforeAddToSync %OnDetermineClass %Open
%OpenId %OriginalNamespace %PackageName %PhysicalAddress
%PurgeIndices %READERLISTBuildValueArray %Reload %RemoveFromSaveSet
%ResolveConcurrencyConflict %RollBack %SQLAcquireLock %SQLAcquireTableLock
%SQLAfterTriggers %SQLBeforeTriggers %SQLBuildIndices %SQLBuildPurgeIndexForRow
%SQLBuildPurgeIndices %SQLCheckUnique %SQLCheckUniqueIndices %SQLCheckUniqueKeys
%SQLCopyIcolIntoName %SQLCopyNameIntoIcol %SQLCreateInsDelTables %SQLDefineiDjVars
%SQLDelete %SQLDeleteChildren %SQLDeleteTempStreams %SQLEExit
%SQLExists %SQLFKeyDelLock %SQLFastInsert %SQLFieldValidate
%SQLGetLock %SQLGetOld %SQLGetOldAll %SQLGetOldIndex
%SQLInsert %SQLInsertComputes %SQLInsertStreams %SQLInvalid
%SQLInvalid2 %SQLMVDelete %SQLMVIndexDelete %SQLMVIndexInsert
%SQLMVIndexUpdate %SQLMVInsert %SQLMVUpdate %SQLMissing
%SQLNormalizeCompFields %SQLNormalizeFields %SQLPurgeIndices %SQLQuickBulkInsert
%SQLQuickBulkLoad %SQLQuickBulkSave %SQLQuickBulkUpdate %SQLQuickDelete
%SQLQuickDeleteChildren %SQLQuickFindPKeyByRowID %SQLQuickFindRowIDByPKey %SQLQuickInsert
%SQLQuickLoad %SQLQuickLoadChildren %SQLQuickLogicalToOdbc %SQLQuickOdbcToLogical
%SQLQuickUpdate %SQLReleaseLock %SQLReleaseTableLock %SQLStorageValidation
%SQLTrigDelTab %SQLTrigInsTab %SQLUnlock %SQLUnlock2
%SQLUnlockError %SQLUnlockRef %SQLUpdate %SQLUpdateComputes
%SQLUpdateStreams %SQLValidateCompFields %SQLValidateFields %SQLicompView
%SQLnBuild %Save %SaveDirect %SaveIndices
%SecurityPolicy %SerializeObject %SetModified %SortBegin
%SortEnd %SyncObjectIn %SyncTransport %UnlockExtent
%UnlockId %UpgradeConcurrency %ValidateIndices %ValidateObject
%XMLGenerate BuildClassList ClearData ClearRow
ConsumeReport FetchClassDef FetchPlan FindQueryById
GetVersion InsertQuery ListCharStrip LoadClassDefs
LoadIntCode WRCRowExists WriteAllToFile XMLAfterExport
XMLBeforeExport XMLDTD XMLExport XMLExportInternal
XMLExportToStream XMLExportToString XMLGetSchemaImports XMLImport
XMLImportInternal XMLIsObjectEmpty XMLNew XMLSchema
XMLSchemaNamespace XMLSchemaType


• parameter DOMAIN = "%Utility";
• parameter ROWLEVELSECURITY = 1;
ROWLEVELSECURITY = 1 | <property> means that row level security is active and the list of users/roles for a given instance/row is contained in a generated property. If the value of this parameter is a valid property name then that property will be used as the reader list and only generated if not already defined.
• parameter XMLNAME = "QButton";
This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.


• property AllowDelimitedIdentifiers as %Boolean;
• property BackgroundJobNumber as %Integer;
• property ClassDefXml as %Stream.GlobalCharacter(CLASSNAME=2);
Stream containing XML export of all class definitions referenced by the query statement
• property ClassList as list of %String(MAXLEN=500);
List of all classes referenced by the query statement
• property DefaultSchema as %String;
• property IncludeResults as %Boolean;
This property has no effect, but remains available for compatibility. Use %SQL.Statement to generate query results
• property QueryCompileDecomposedStatus as %String;
• property QueryCompileStatus as %Status [ InitialExpression = 0,Required ];
Property to tell if QueryPlan was built and is valid, otherwise contains the query's compilation error
• property QueryIntCode as %Stream.GlobalCharacter(CLASSNAME=2);
Stream containing compiled int code as exported XML
• property QueryPlan as %Stream.GlobalCharacter(CLASSNAME=2);
Stream containing the query's plan as built by the optimizer
• property QueryPlanArray as list of %String(MAXLEN=32000);
Array of %plan for query plan
• property QueryResultData as %Stream.GlobalCharacter(CLASSNAME=2);
Stream containing the results of the query as %XML.Dataset output
• property QueryStatement as %String(MAXLEN=32000) [ Required ];
Stores the actual query statement, if you really need more than 32k, enable long strings and change the MAXLEN
• property TimeInserted as %String;
• property UserInserted as %String;
• property VersionString as %String(MAXLEN=500) [ Required ];
simply contains $zv
• property WRCNumber as %Integer [ Required ];
WRC Number provided by the user


• classmethod %SecurityPolicy(UserInserted As %String) as %String [ SQLProc = ]
• method BuildClassList() as %Status
This method uses the mtc array created by the query compilation process to find all the classes referenced by the query statement
• classmethod ClearData(wrcnum As %String = "") as %Status
Delete any previous queries that have been added to the report
• classmethod ClearRow(filter As %String) as %Status
• classmethod ConsumeReport(filename As %String, qspec As %String = "ck", loadcode As %Boolean = 1, NameSpace As %String) as %Status
consume report. This is intended to be used by Intersystems Support to consume the report generated by the customer It is best to run this in an empty namespace as it will import and compile class definitions and routines
• method FetchClassDef() as %Status
This method exports the class definitions for each of the classes referenced in the query statement into a stream that is stored inside the report
• method FetchPlan() as %Status
This method builds the query plan and stores it in a stream that will be part of the report.
• classmethod FindQueryById(id As %String) as %String
• method GetVersion()
• classmethod InsertQuery(query As %String = "", wrcnum As %String = "NoWRCProvided", includeresults As %Boolean = 0, debug As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Adds a query to the report, writes out report if a file name is provided This is the main method customer will use to generate reports to be sent to InterSystems Support
• classmethod ListCharStrip(ByRef stream As %Stream.TmpCharacter)
• method LoadClassDefs(qspec As %String = "ck", ByRef loadedlist) as %Status
Import and compile the class definitions in the report
• method LoadIntCode(qspec As %String = "ck", ByRef loadedlist) as %Status
Import and compile the query routine int code in the report
• classmethod WRCRowExists(wrc As %String) as %Boolean
• classmethod WriteAllToFile(wrcnum As %String, ByRef filename As %String) as %Status
Writes XML report of all queries added so far


• query SavedQueries()
SQL Query :
SELECT ID, IncludeResults, TimeInserted, WRCNumber, QueryStatement, QueryCompileDecomposedStatus, AllowDelimitedIdentifiers, DefaultSchema
FROM %SQL_Manager_QButtons.Base

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